Turo Turo!

Amazing Egg Pie at Turo Turo. Photo by Turo Turo.

Tonight I stole CB away from work and took him to a secret locale for dinner! A small Filipino restaurant in Glen Innes, that was amazing. I work with a Filipino girl and she and I talked about food from her country for about an hour while I was waiting for desserts to be plated up. She recommended 2 places to me, but this one had the nicest website!


We shared a plate of the best, crunchiest, fried chicken of our LIFE! I ordered a delicious meat stew called Beef Caldereta that reminded me a lot of my Gram’s swiss steak, only spicy. CB had a crispy pork dish that came on sizzling hot platter with a raw egg on top that slowly cooked while we ate our chicken. We each had a frosty glass of mango smoothie with dinner, so good.

Our waitress was super nice and suggested a whole bunch of food to us. CB and I have a problem with getting overly excited trying new foods and wanting to order every single thing, forgetting we can always come back. But we managed to do well. There were a few families having dinner in the small restaurant, and a little baby was racing around like a maniac and all the other diners were keeping an eye out to make sure she didnt run out the door.

Dessert was what I was waiting for though! It was so hard to choose, they had 5 or 6 things that caught my eye and were all home made. Unfortunately I was so full from dinner I had to be choosey and not a greedy fat girl eating every dessert at the restaurant. We shared an egg custard pie that was perfectly smooth and caramelized inside and crunchy and dark on top, so gooood. Our waitress was so nice and when I told her I was a pastry chef and that was one amazing pie, she brought out the adorable lady who made it! I offered to come work for her for free if she taught me her mad skills and bowed to her as I am not worthy. She said it would be her pleasure! We left, stuffed to the gills, but we will be back to try everything else soon. And I will definitely try to get into that kitchen and see that old lady work her magic!

On our way out I caved and got a piece of purple Ube cake to go. It was impossible to resist. BRIGHT purple, with blue icing! That photo does’nt really do it justice. It was soft, moist purple sponge and creamy icing.. it had a light sweet taste, that was kind of imperceptible, but delicious.

I had never had Filipino food before, but it seems to me to be a fantastic mix of spanish, american, and asian cooking. Its hearty and tasty comfort food for sure. Mmm.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Turo Turo!”

  1. Wow I have never had Filipino food before either. I consider myself pretty well eaten when it comes to Asian cuisines, but that one has slipped past. It all looks so exotic yet really comforting. I hope you get to master it. Would be cool to see a western take on it. I don’t think that as been done before?

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