Salty Ol’ Sea Dog

Our Wednesday day off together was spent running errands, perusing antique shops and flip flopping around on the beach. I bought a flowy gypsy hippy skirt for beach times and wore it around downtown for an hour before someone told me it was nearly completely see through in the sunlight…. eerp. Everybody been peeping my naked buns… so I chucked on a pair of shorts and we went to the beach!

One of my favourite things about living where we do, is the drive to Piha. Its such a relaxing, long and windy drive with nothing but mountains and sheer greenery all around us. Its about a 30 minute drive, but I love every minute of it. This time at Piha we scaled the side of Lion Rock. A drunken tourist recently fell off the side and died a horrible death because she did it drunk, at night, in high heels. It’s really a hiking boots only kind of climb. But I did it in bare feet and a long skirt.. also dangerous. I pretty much piggy backed CB all the way down.

BUT FIRST! We shared my favourite take away piece of delicious– a sea dog. A stick of crunchy fried fake crab, battered and deep fried, stuffed in a bun with cheese, mayo and lettuce. So good. Unnnnghhh…

We also were lucky enough to see a pale redheaded girl sunbathing in her bikini, like the first robin of spring… summer’s coming!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Salty Ol’ Sea Dog”

  1. As beautiful as west coast beaches are, they freak me out. I guess a healthy respect is good but a deep rooted fair isn’t so good. I’ve never even had a close call in the water there but that’s enough for me to never go into the water past my knees.

    1. Yeah.. to be honest we haven’t done anything but dunk our toes in so you’ve done better than me. The ocean scares the poops right out my bum. Right into my pants. I’ve eaten a sausage sizzle, and bought a pair of jandals but apparently Im not a true kiwi until I’ve swam in the Ocean. And if I wasnt friends with a Piha lifeguard I wouldnt be doing it at Piha! But this summer, it’s my goal.. Gonna totally hang ten.

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