Wastin’ Time

Just a few photos from my walk around the K-Road in Auckland trying to waste some time until CB got off work. I had about 3 coffees.. and a tea… okay and a pie.. wrote an illegible blog from my iPhone, and looked into the window of  a lot of closed shops. That picture is of a little, way too expensive, antique shop in an arcade, which is like a little alley way full of shops off of main streets. This arcade had..

A corset shop– sweet.


And a shop that seemed to sell 2 strange ceramics and about 6 bed linens.. interesting..

I bought a skirt!

Haha it said Little Sheet Hot Pot..


A giant pineapple!

The place I spent most of my time, lately.


A sign outside our favourite chinese dumping shop. I wanted to take a picture for you, but the dumpling lady was in there working away and I didn’t want to annoy her, and ruin my supply of dumplings.

Some graffito.. this guy does bad skeletons all over the place..

That’s all!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Wastin’ Time”

  1. Every time I go past that dumpling shop I wonder about it. I’ve never tried it but it’s been there for years while other businesses have come and gone around them. I figure they must be doing something right. It’s in a funny little spot isn’t it?

  2. My you are a prolific blogger!! Took me almost half an hour to catch up! But I love it so please write and write and write some more! Glad to hear you are happy in your new place. Your blogs and pics are lovely and sweet. Makes me miss you! But I’m glad we can connect this way. 🙂
    Also I’m pretty sure you need to mail me some of those rhubarb cupcakes…cuz dang. They is lookin good. Can cupcakes be mailed overseas? Hehe.
    Anyway shoot me an email when you get a chance sometime boo.

    1. Hey Flamdingo! I will write you a long overdue email! I got that job by the way, hence my complete disappearance from life again, aside from every week a flurry of 3 or 4 blogs all on one day.. I like to save’em up. I just read your newsletter thingy the other day, things sound like they are flowing along nicely! Also, I forgot how weird Judy Garlands face is, like perpetual fart face.

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