Fish & Chips and Motorcycles


Well, it’s CB’s, but maybe I can ride it when no ones looking…

Tada! So great.

Lorrie went with us to pick it up and I’m glad he did cause I was just imagining me trying to finagle the ties around the bike and it would have been a travesty. Another thing is, we bought it off a multi-millionaire.. Not even joking, check out his house:

He lived on the very end of the most expensive street in New Zealand, in an expansive gated mansion that overlooked the bay. Crazy! We bought our Suzuki gn250 learners bike from a young guy whose shoes are more expensive than our lives. He probably took our sixteen hundred bucks and bought himself a spot of lunch. In Canada you’d never buy something off of eBay and drive up to a mansion to collect it. You just wait until they upgrade their tv’s and throw last years LCD in the dumpster, and dive in and grab it! Really nice guy, and so weird to buy a used motorcycle from such an insanely nice place.

Our drive way, looking kind of pretty

So hopefully that will mean CB won’t have to wait around for me to finally wrap up my 12-16 hour day for a ride home and can just zip back on his motorcycle. Our next step is to sell our old van and get a little boot around car for me! That is better on gas.. and doesnt feel like it’s going to tip right over on a windy day..

A cool plant

Its been a nice day off. Picked up a motorcycle, met a millionaire, and had nice lunch with Lorrie. That was all very exciting so we had a four hour nap in the middle of the day together, and woke up sweaty and disoriented which was nice. We just finished it off with a walk down to the take aways with John, Wyatt the cat in tow, for fish and chips and finally got to eat dinner upstairs with Rosie and John. Beer & Lemonade shandies, fish and chips covered in ketchup while watching the Simpsons.. yup, thats good good life.  Tomorrow I’m back at work for another long slog. So see ya next week!

While CB and Lorrie were unhooking the bike from the trailer I found this really nice pine cone instead of making sure the motorcycle didn’t fall over! Totally worth it.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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