Stoner Cat

This is Wyatt, our house cat, in the truest sense of the phrase. He came with the house, we don’t own him, Rosie feeds him and he just kinda hangs out.

Wyatt’s likes include waiting at the end of the driveway like a little fluffy sentinel, surveying his territory and getting into the cars of strangers. Wyatt’s dislikes are most human affection and the neighbor’s cat, who I like to call Jeffrey. Jeffrey Jeffers.

But mostly, Wyatt loves cat nip. John keeps a sock of it lying around the living room and Wyatt is stoned out of his gourd most of the time. He’s like our little stoner roommate. I spent an afternoon following him around, to see what a stoned cat spends a typical sunny Wednesday afternoon.

First, I was lying in the sun on the grass pretending I was a piece of delicious bacon in a sunny frying pan when I noticed Wyatt was being weird. He was stalking.. so I stalked him.

We hunted under this bush..

We hunted through the long grass..

I found a small flower! But the skink evaded us despite our phenomenal hunter prowess.

Forlorn at the failure of the hunt, Wyatt retreats to the shade of Rosie’s car.

This is his belly.

Bored of posing under the Escudo, he headed up the driveway, to have a quick survey at the end of the drive way.

Passed the lemon tree.

Through the gate, and into the front yard. There’s a giant tree covered in ivy. Pretty.

This is the front yard! There’s some grass, a couple of like aloes or something, and a maybe apple tree!

Ooooh, a scrap of paper describing a lady dying because of a phantom physical illness.. A CLUE!

Hiding behind the apple tree, spying on Wyatt. Totally camoflaged..

I find him having a nap in a spot of shade beside the fence.. probably trying to get away from me.

So that’s what Wyatt the Cat gets up to most days. Some light stalking, followed by a spot of grooming and finished off with a nap in the shade. Nice life, fluffcat.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Stoner Cat”

    1. I thought it was a totally weird name for a cat. Cats with people names are mysterious though, when you name a cat “Sprinkles” or “Booties” they are just a cat. But when a cat is Wyatt or Jeffrey or Matthew H. Burroughs I tend to treat them like they are a people just being a cat for a while.. but that might be crazy….. anyway thanks for the comment! Your photos are rad.

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