Peacock Hunter

Look what I found this morning in our back yard! A PEACOCK! IN REAL LIFE! The biggest, most beautiful peacock ever! Hiding behind a bush! While CB was making me the worlds most delicious bacon & edam omelette he spotted him lurking, and I ran directly outside to catch him.  I tried to lure him with some toast crumbs CB shook furiously out of the toaster for me while I stood outside of the kitchen door yelling “Crumbs! Crumbs! QUICKLY MAN THE CRUMBS!”, but he wasn’t interested.

Awww peacock. Every morning should start with a peacock. After our amazing breakfast we went out to try to get some groceries and whatnot but failed. Instead of dealing with stores crammed with legions of screaming babies we bailed and just drove to a french bakery where I filled an entire cafeteria tray with treats. I sat down at our little table sheepishly, with a spread of caramel tarts and apricot croissants and this chubby little blonde girl at the table beside ours looked at me like I was her fucking hero, and I felt less embarrassed. Then we came home and had a nap for the rest of the cold, rainy afternoon.

This is a terrible picture, but this is a rainbow, happening, at sunset. AMAZEBALLS.

Tonight CB’s making us meatballs! And like all good things in life, they start with bacon. Yum. Half beef, half pork, full of spiciness and covered in sauce and parmesan cheese.

I bought myself a christmas mug at K-Mart today. It’s a fat, pissed off kitten in a photoshopped scarf saying “Meowy Christmas!” Currently it is filled with beer. I think she has kind of a Mona Lisa smile going on…

It was a real shitty week, so I’m appreciating the small things. Work is kind of INSANE lately, but our head chef has finally arrived from Germany and plopped promptly into the shit straight off the plane. She’s a wonderful lady and I’m really looking forward to learning lots from her. And on an upside, I got to feed Prince Charles and Camilla while they were visiting Auckland. All me, by myself! They had small lemon meringue tarts and truffles that I rolled myself with my grubby little hands. And shockingly, they ate 90% of it! Usually when I make food for VIP’s its more a gesture to make their room look nice, but now I’ve learned that Camilla can EAT man! I like her style.

So, working, being taken care of, finding peacocks and feeding a prince, but not much else to report on. I’m sleepy and full of beer and meatballs and going to retire now to lay on CB and make fun of this very tedious, despite the high number of explosions, Nic Cage movie. PEACE OUT Y’ALL!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

One thought on “Peacock Hunter”

  1. Epic post! Peacock, bacon meatballs, French pastries, cooking for royalty, fat kitten cup. You are a one stop shop and I see no good reason why a girl shouldnt eat like a man. Hush now, skinny jeans.

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