Proud as a Pea CORK, Baby!

Hello my beefy meat loaves!

It’s been an adventuresome week! First, the big news is we sold our dump van! Yay! I shouldn’t be so mean to our Bula, it was actually a great little van and once we shined it up real good I almost didn’t want to sell her. It was just too big for commuting to and from work. We put an ad on gumtree and pretty much the next day we had a bunch of very nice french backpackers (one couple had matching rat tails…) come and hand us a big fat wad of sweet, green cashola! Mmm baby. We shook hands and promptly went in the house, stripped down and rolled all over the bed covered in twenties like a couple of old pimps.

A couple days later, and we’ve bought ourselves a little red 1990 Honda Civic hatchback from a really nice guy named Albert. She’s beautiful! 1.3L engine, so nice and small and fast and economical, buttttttt manual transmission… which is brand new to me.

So we spent a harrowing afternoon in the deserted end of a strip mall in Manurewa learning how to drive stick! 45 minutes, 6 pieces of sushi and an entire box of inspirational chocolate digestive cookies for when I did a good job later and I was on the highway home. There was only a couple of minor stalling incidents, some embarrassing peel outs that some teenage boys thought were just so rad anyway, and maybe one time I may have slowly rolled back down a hill nearly into a van behind us. But we figured it out! I give it a week, and I’ll be like.. I don’t know any names of race car drivers– but I’ll be just like him, ya know! The real good one! With the moustache, I imagine. The irony is that CB taught me how to drive manual in an hour, and he can’t even drive a car…

HEY Check out our peacock! He lives in a strip of land behind our houses and seems to be just a homeless vagabond. Our neighbor feeds him cat food. He likes to wiggle around in our garden, and poise majestically on construction rubble. CB got this awesome video of his sexy bum shakin’ dance!  He is just busting it out, twirling and shaking, for nobody, all by himself, in the middle of our backyard, in the suburbs..

This is Terrance P. Featherbottom having a nap in the garden.

Also, also, I went to my favourite ice cream store Giapo’s and had a scoop of pistachio gelato with a scoop of pineapple & bergamot on top and the pastry chef with bright purple hair put on a huge pile of candy floss, edible pansies and blueberries and made it look like this..

And then we got gay married forever.

We’ve also been trying to eat better. CB has been trying to feed us on less than $5 a meal but still keep it relatively healthy, and has been making this crazy good corned beef & hash. I’ll have to document the process and put the recipe on here sometime. Mmmm.. corned beeeef.. hasshh.. yummm..

So all in all, a really good week. Back to the grindstone tomorrow!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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