Cheesecake is Murder

Ahhh its 7 pm, and I’m home, sitting on the couch, wiping the smudges of melted rum & raisin chocolate off my face while my man makes me some dinner! Chicken croquettes! Yummmm.

I’m bored so I’m writing a blog, something I don’t do very often anymore. This week was interesting. Here are some highlights:

1. Learned how to drive a manual car! Woot woot! Drove to work all by myself this morning and didn’t commit any vehicular manslaughters! I was flying pretty high on my wicked driving skills when I saw this..

Yeahhh… so dogs can do it.. better than me..

2. I made cheesecake, for Morrissey! Slowly I’m getting to feed fatty treats to all my 14-year old self’s heroes!

3. We did a giant buffet for 500 people, and it looked gorgeous. We had falling snowflake graphics on the walls, colour changing chandeliers on the ceiling, a cotton candy and ice cream booth.. and in the middle of the room was a 40 foot table, every nook and cranny piled with food! Black forest cakes, lemon meringue tarts, cake pops, christmas stollen, fruit tarts, macaroons in a rainbow of colours, and dozens of other goodies..  and a whole whack of savoury finger foods. It looked really, really fancy, and I was proud. It reminded me of when I was little, and playing Barbies with my sister. And she was always the vet who lived on the mountain with her awesome jeep and Barbie horse and she generally kept to herself. Which left me the entire rest of the world (living room) to play in. So I would spend hours and hours and hours making a buffet out of plasticine. I would make all the bowls, and trays, and platters, and fill them with roasts and tiny h’or deurves– 2mm devilled eggs, with microscopic bits of paprika on top– bowl of fruit and I would roll out each individual grape on the bunch, and poke my oranges full of tiny dimples, I would french my lamb chops an present them in a ring with tiny springs of pasticine rosemary…. yeah I was a little fat girl..

4. My brother sold his first television script!! Wooo congrats Bbot!!!

5. I worked an 8 day stretch, and had to take the train in.. which meant 3 hours of walking a day. Thats 24 hours of walking, for a total of 72 km’s that week. I was pretty tired…

Anyway, thats the rundown on my week.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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