Wasp Nest Hair Do

This morning started off like most great mornings do, with puppies and meatballs! It’s so hard to get out of bed the first morning of my days off, but CB, the clever bastard, has devised a crafty scheme. All week he collects videos of adorable animals doing adorable things adorably, and then plays them as soon as my eyes start to flicker open. Gradually my bitchy, blurry eyed self sits up to watch the antics of the slow loris with itchy armpits, the bucket of baby sloths having a bath, or the impossibly fat bulldog puppy just existing and am eased into consciousness with increasing excitement and overwhelming feelings of wanting to mush and crush baby things faces… thereby bypassing my horrible ultra bitch morning self entirely! GENIUS!

Also the smell of meatballs sizzling away helps too. Mmmm steamy meatballs..

Mmmm even steamier coffees. Check out my sweet Russian(?) dog mug.

Writing some christmas postcards I doodled for my fam last week while taking the train home from work. Yes, Santa is slurping up a baby dolphin in one, an NZ christmas tradition!

And then I took too many allergy pills and had a surprise nap for 2 hours…

I woke up, groggy, face creased and matching the print of the couch arm I was sleeping on. When I got upstairs CB looked up from his minecrafting to let me know my “face looks rough”… AND THEN we went to pick up our christmas ham! YAY! CHRISTMAS HAM! Work was giving out hams, boxes of veg or champagne for christmas, so of course I was like.. I choose you, jambon! YEEEEEEAH!

Minor driving incident occured downtown.. won’t go into details but it ended up with me nearly killing dozens of people, police sirens chasing after me, a full on panic attack and that move from bank robbery movies where the main character’s being chased by the popo and pulls onto a side street and parks as if everythings cool and they’re just a regular person who has been parked there for ages, maybe doing a spot of christmas shopping, and not commiting any major, extremely public, traffic violations…. only I didn’t do it on purpose, I did it because I wanted the police to come with me, park beside me and arrest me for being a lunatic driver…. but we got our HAM MAN! And everything was worth it! And no more allergy medication for me…. I say this nonchalant, but it was actually so stupid, gawwwwwwwwddddddddddddddddddd……………. I actually kept checking my phone after, expecting the police to ring me and be like “ma’am you’re under arrest, please come to jail now for jumpsuits and shower-time sodomy. Also bring your ham.”

Oh also, I planted some plants! Well, CB did most of the work, but I got my toes dirty, which felt very nice. Man’s handy with a trowel!

4 gherkin seedlings, 4 jalapeno seedlings, a little bush of thyme and one of sage! Yum! We planted the gherks in the garden beside the house that is 100% clay soooooo.. we’ll see how that goes. But they are resilient little buggers, should be fine! Its really nice quality clay too, and beyond that are lava rocks. Very cool.

I made this from some of the nice clay. Its got a wasp nest hair do, and a flower for company.

Our wee garden. The pot with the red leafed varigated is actually John’s plant he got as a present from some kiwi actress who’s name isnt Lucy Lawless so I immediately forgot it. I found it dying under the steps and now its doing really well.

One of our wee gherkin plants.

A nice jar growing some moss.

John’s awesome garden. His pinwheels blew apart in our last big storm here, but they are still scaring off the peacock so they’re doing the job. Look at how many little shoots he has coming up already! Jealous…

This one’s a rainbow beet I think.

And then CB and John spent half an hour shooting rocks at a sponge with his birthday slingshot. I sat at CB’s feet with Wyatt the cat, collecting the roundest possible specimens from the rut around the driveway, as soon as he shot one, my arm shot up holding the next rock. John suggested they upgrade to firecrackers and we figured with our luck it was best to just go inside..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Wasp Nest Hair Do”

    1. I know, and he knows just when to draw the line with them too, because at a certain number of cute animals it actually backfires and all I want to do is lay in bed watching cute animals all day.. its a delicate process, but he is like an artist of manipulating me..

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