Cool Story


Dear blog,

Today at work I had about 100 naan breads for lunch. In order to eat 100 naan breads efficiently I rolled them up into long tubes, and chewed them 4 times each. It was easy work. I did it facing the corner, so no one knew…

When I got home from work, CB told me the police sent me a letter telling me I am a convicted criminal. That wasn’t really funny. Also its not really what happened.

Then he was so excited, and told me to come with him, somewhere. He sprinted off, and I followed. He said, I was going to LOVE it. And I said, I LOVE loving things. And then he showed me what it was. It was a baby strawberry being born. It was really beautiful, and then Wyatt came over to eat it, but I kicked him.

What else.

Oh CB made me some chicken thighs. Lemon pepper. So good. It was juicy with gravy, and I took a bite out of each thigh, and then was finished. He can have it for lunch tomorrow, I am totally full of naans.

I’m bad because.. I eat every naan bread I see, and also a LOT of fruit cake.. and some mince tarts, while no one was looking.. i ate them in the fridge. And quite a lot of this hazelnut cake.. and a cheese scone… and a gingerbread scone………. and some nuts.. Nuts are good though. And because I have to eat all this bad stuff, cause my brain tells me it’s better than NOT eating it, CB has to make me every meal.. like I’m a baby. So.. I hope he gets up early tomorrow, cause I want my pancake breakfast to be ready for me asap.

One wish that i have.. Is  that I could eat all the naan bread without regrets. I made CB be the Boss of My Food, but.. Im ignoring him. He needs to lead with an iron fist. Also, that man with the iron movie was so…… boring. There was like 1000 prostitutes, and not even a single boob, and Hardly any rapping and kung fu fight scenes.. sooo pretty pointless…

What else.

Last week I went to work in my pajamas.. because I leave early, so its almost like it’s okay.. but then, at the end of the day, everyone was finished the same time as me.. and we went to the change room, and got dressed in our normal people clothes and they were all wearing like pants and shirts and dresses.. and i was wearing my pajamas.. and everyone laughed for like.. probably 12-15 minutes about it. And then, one of them brought it up today again, and they laughed again. So the moral of this story, is that everyone loves the jimjams. Also I felt like a boob walking through town to my car in my pjs.


Kay yeah that’s all. Just wanted to let you know about a couple of things.




P.S I cant watch American Horror Story anymore, cause everytime something, sayyyyy CB;s foot just now, touches me unexpectedly I scream and jump. And the other night, I jumped clear out of bed convinced there was a spider.. but there wasn’t.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Cool Story”

    1. Thanks, I like to go the extra mile when it comes to stuffing bread products into my gob! Thanks for the awesome comment, it made my evening. Also, your blog rocks, and your bunny is probably the most cute.

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