Pho Q


Hello. It’s midnight and I can’t sleep. CB is making little baby sized snorings beside me and it’s raining loudly enough I can hear it over the sounds of Finn and Jake having adventures. I’m up playing around with my new phone and being a sickly snotty mess. So far I’ve downloaded every app on the internet, and sent my sister a totally nonsensical email to test out the voice to text option. Next step is to see how it blogs!


This morning I tested out the camera. This is John’s garden after only 3 weeks! Look at the size of those leaves! They are the size of dinner plates.


We drove out to Piha in the afternoon, but it got cold and rainy and I’m sick and was suddenly not feeling so beachy, so we headed on back. Sand + snot don’t mix.



We got to drive back through a cloud, which was nice. We had strawberry icecream cones and got groceries. CB asked me what I wanted for dinner and I croaked “Just a cup of hot salty broth.” and he frowned. But the crusty little cube of bouillon in the cupboard was depressing so we went out for PHO! It is the perfect meal for the healthiness impaired. The chef sent us a present of some deep fried wontons– soooo gooood! And halfway through the giant bowl of hot steamy spicy brothy goodness I was feeling like a champignon!

Okay so for real my peter pointer is getting weary so that’s all y’all! Blog out.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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