Bikini Coffin


We have been going to the beach EVERY DAY! I have a suntan, and freckles, and random horrible burns all over me from where we missed applying sunscreen! YEEEAH! JEALOUS?

We went up to Piha to say happy new year to Lorrie & Gail, Rosie and Yvonne  and the two mentalcase dogs, who have all pretty much moved up to Piha campground for the summer. After hugs and catching up, Yvonne invited us to go up to a place ominously called “The Coffin” with her and a few friends. I was assured that it was called The Coffin because of it’s shape, not because there was a dead body in it. CB was on the fence about it until we found out her friends were all super nice teenage girls in bikini’s… So off we went!

Yvonne told us we would never know about it unless we were with a Piha Local, and yeeeeah, she was right. We hiked through a gorgeous jungle for half an hour, and then randomly turned left and followed a stream in the opposite direction, and then climbed on rocks all the way up to this crack between two mountains. In between them was a waterfall and a very deep coffin shaped pool. We watched the girls jump off the rocks and shoot down 15 feet into the water below.. needless to say, I was way too chicken to do it. BUT I did meet a cool beetle friend!

Look at his adorable little faaace. He lived on my hat!

So jandals, (flipflops) are not meant for hiking, and by the end of it our poor Canadian feet were scratched, bleeding and swollen from sliding into rocks and slamming into trees. We were also ravenous, and just destroyed the picnic we packed in the car. Roast chicken, cucumber & feta salad, and peaches mmrmrmmmm..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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