Flip Flop Flap Flump

We went to the beach. Actually, we went to about 4 beaches. They were all awesome. I finally got up the nerve to swim in one of them, and it was probably the one beach that was more for walking around on romantically and not so much for swimming. There was a million shells, and 5 or 6 herons walking around making a meal of the little creatures on the beach. We walked out into the ocean for about half a mile and the water was still only at our knees. So we just sat down, and pretended. The water was warm, and our butts sank into the seaweed underneath. It was kind of good we sat down, because CB was just in his underpants and was experiencing major wardrobe malfunctions and accidentally committing public indecencies all over the place. On our way back, CB flipped over a giant scalloped sea shell and under it was a tiny crab that was SUPER pissed and stared up at us, claws in the air, ready to kick an ASS or two. So cool. We found another crab, and put him on a shoe. And we saw someone drive a TRACTOR out into the OCEAN to bring in their boat! It was crazy. Even crazier, I have a sun tan! And CB found a Frisbee that changes colour in the sun!

Most of these pictures were taken on Waipu beach. It’s a town about an hour and a bit away, and we just picked it at random off the map. Waipu, why not! We drove into town, and CB had a strange feeling about it. Then we noticed the Cape Breton tartan everywhere, and the flag of Nova Scotia flying outside the museum. Waipu was founded by 3 boatloads of Cape Bretoners led by some insane Scottish preacher in the early 1800’s! Crazy! They were all from St. Ann’s and Baddeck. Apparently they were aiming for Ohio, ended up in Australia, saw it was full of whore houses and gambling and just decided to keep going and ended up in New Zealand. Pretty awesome coincidence..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Flip Flop Flap Flump”

  1. Hey buddy! I had my first swim of summer over the weekend. The trick really is to check the tides and only go around high tide. Most beaches around Auckland are no good at low tide. I’ve pretended to swim enough and been sorely disappointed enough times. Tides usually accompany any weather report online or in the paper.

    1. Whaaaaaaaaat tide reports are in with weather reports! I didn’t know that. We always just show up and try to figure out what the hell is happening, but it’s either 40 foot waves or a puddle to just sit in.. that, is awesome info. Thanks chumster!

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