Strange Fruit

I gots some GRAPES! Look at them, blushing beauties.

Some tasty rocket!

There is a wimpy little Charlie Brown-esque nectarine tree beside the house and it has produced a total of 3 fat nectarines. I ate one. It was yum.

CB washed his motorcycle so lovingly. This thing has had more baths than he has by now I think..

Grapes SO SOUR. Maybe good for.. bucket of garage wine???

My pickle came out weird..

And I have atleast a dozen japalenos growing up outside the garage! Look at their wee green bums, so cute. One of them is wearing their flower around their middle like a fancy skirt. I cant wait to stuff them with cream cheese and bacon and deep fry them.

Downside to summer time garden times, I GOT STUNG BY A BEE! For the first time in my whole damn life. I was prancing around like a fucking hippy bitch singing a little song, munching on my nectarine and then BLACCCHHH! Nectarine in the air, camera on the ground, bee embedded in my foot. No good. The bee looked like it had no idea what the hell just happened, poor little bugger. Then I noticed every single one of the approximately 80 billion clover flowers had a fat bee on it. Yeah.. oops..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Strange Fruit”

  1. You are AWESOME. I miss you. Those grapes look amazing. I’ve never actually seen grapes on a vine through my own orbs. You are a crazy hippie baker. I just wiped poop off a butt. We all have our lives to live 🙂

      1. Megaaaan! I miss y’all aussi, trop beacoup, avec poopoo! Man cant that babygirl handle her own poop by now? What is she, like 25 by now? Email me pics of the fam i gotz to peep your beautiful faces!

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