Park Life

I’ve had such good days off. Peacocks and meatballs and japanese frozen yoghurt and walks. Last night we even went for a late night drive around the twisty roads of Waitakere. We had the windows open, blasting terrible hard rock radio. The warm air smelled like a million flowers. I drove like a hellcat speedracer demon, flying between the flourescent lines and blinking catseyes, wind whipping through the car. It was fun! Around midnight we ended up at Bethells Beach and we parked just outside the gate and walked up to the ocean. There was no moon so it was very, very dark. My eyes took forever to adjust. We heard morepork owls hooting in the distance to each other. Above us was the entire milky way galaxy like someone spilled a glass of stars all over the sky. The only constellation I could find was Orions Belt, polaris and the southern cross. The night sky is so different here, and just incredible on a dark night, with the ocean waves rolling up against the beach and no other humans in sight. It was cold though, so we went home and tucked our cold bodies into a nice warm bed.

This morning we got up early, stuffed ourselves with eggs benedict and spent the entire morning going for a long walk around Auckland. We finally went up through Albert park, something CB’s been wanting to show me since we got here. It was amaaaazing! It felt like going back in time, to a Victorian era. The trees are all protected there so they are just massive, long trunks twisting like vines over the walkways. At some points you have to duck underneath the huge limbs. It’s such a beautiful park and I was being a maximum tourist taking pictures of everything here.

This was taken on the walkway between AUT University and Albert Park.

Some of the large trees as you come into the park.

Queen Victoria looking quite dour.

Some little gay merman blowing their conches.

These amazing trees looked like women laying in a pile, turned to stone.

I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but I love it.

Palm tree!

CB took me to a little Japanese frozen yoghurt shop and we shared one with cornflakes, pineapple, kiwi and longan fruit. So gooooood. It was cute watching Japanese girls have ice cream dates with their friends too. New favourite place!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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