Peacock Friends

This is our peacock. We are friends.

This is my cup of tea. Tboe 3gopoBbe!

This is Rosie’s charming letter to NZ lady suffragettes, a venus fly trap, and a tiny porcelain bird carrying a cart of toothpicks.

It reads: “Notice to Epicene Women: They are recommended to go home, to look after their children, cook their husbands dinners, empty the slops, and generally attend to the domestic affairs for which Nature designed them. By taking this advice they will gain the respect of all right-minded people– an end not to be attained by unsexing themselves and meddling in masculine concerns of which they are profoundly ignorant.” – Henry Wright

Wyatt checking the peacock out.

Having a preen while the neighbor throws down a handful of cat food for him for dinner.

Wyatt stalking the peacock.

Wyatt saying hello to the peacock.

Wyatt running away from the peacock when he realizes how much smaller he is than the bird.

I was throwing the peacock the ripe grapes off the fence. I would throw one by his head, he would pick it up, toss it into the air and have it land in his gullet like a velociraptor.  At one point he got confused and grabbed a large plum off the ground and was pretty startled when it just bounced off his face instead of going in his mouth.. stupid peacock, haw haw.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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