Mole in my Hole

Moooh-laaaaaaay mo-lay mo-lay mo-lay!

Last night we had chicken mole and it was stupid good. My friend at work, Rebecca, is an amazing chef from Mexico and has been giving me PRESENTS! Mexican style. Handfuls of dried chilies she imports from Mexico; anchos, poblanos, mulattos, pasillas, something she called “little cockroach chilies” and of course, chipotles. Mmm chipotles. Consequently we have been putting them in EVERYTHING!

These are my precious chilies, in salty jars to keep them spicy fresh. Rebecca says the best way to keep dried chilies fresh is in a glass jar in the sun. She also gave me a medallion of Mexican drinking chocolate, adorably called Abuelita (Spanish for grandma). Think, spicy Ovaltine. And, the best present ever, a container of mole paste! Oh lordy I love a nice mole. Its like the sexiest most sophisticated gravy in the world. Its dark and muddy with so many levels of tasty taste, and it takes all the secret tastes of chocolate and exploits them.

Last night we rehydrated our last smokey little chipotle in some chicken broth and mixed it with the mole paste to make a nice thick sauce we them poured all over some pan fried chicken breast. Good god. It was so, so sex.

Aside from being a badass flame haired young Mexican Grandma, Rebecca also makes things like this  traditional jelly…

That’s a chrysanthemum in there, but…

It’s PAINTED IN THERE! It’s painted in using coloured jelly and a needle, upside down. This woman is my hero. Not only did that blow my mind and 100% I thought it was a real flower even as I was cutting into it thinking “wow, this flower cuts very easily…” but it was bloody delicious. Mexican vanilla jelly, strawberry jelly, and the clear jelly was flavoured with a fruit Rebecca says is like a black currant. It was soft, and not too sweet, with an awesome texture and soft flavours.. so yum. So yeah, Im kind of in awe of this lady.

Anyway, if anyone in NZ is interested in spicy Mexican chilies, mole, chocolate, the finest tequilas known to mankind or interested in taking a small group class on Mexican jellies like this one just drop me a line, she runs a business importing these things in!

Oh.. also my gherkins.. turned out wrong……………. oops…

Dinner time and sunsets..

The peacock getting ready for bed.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

One thought on “Mole in my Hole”

  1. My response to that jelly:
    *stare at the screen intently*
    What the FUCK?? What??! That’s amazing. I feel like a lot of culinary mystery has been ruined for me over the past couple years but my mind is truly blown by that.

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