Lantern Festival & Otara Goodtimes


This weekend in Auckland, Albert Park was the hip happenin’est place in the land. This was due to the influence of the Lantern Festival, celebrating Asian cultures and lanterns in the shape of the most obscure Pokemon of the last decade!


Is that a chokobo??



We were there, as usual, for the food. Regretfully I did not bring CB’s nice camera, and only have a handful of dark and blurry cellphone pictures but you get the jist. The evening was warm and there were throngs of people coursing through the park. Hundreds of happy faces under conical bamboo hats, beautifully lit up like rainbows from the cast of the thousands of lanterns. It was beautiful, and a really nice way to spend a Friday night in the city. But once our nose caught the scent of 5 spice bbq pork we only had one thing on our mind; find food stalls.



We found them! Every part of Asia was representin’ here, and we had a hard time choosing. We had only a small amount of cash in our pockets so we had to be choosey. We picked Malaysian coconut rice with stir fried peanuts, cucumber, sambal oelek and tasty tiny dried fishes. Yum. We stood in line at the Filipino food stall hoping to get some pork adobo and some taro ice cream.  I got greedy and had to have this amazing thing called Halo Halo. Purple taro ice cream, condensed milk, shaved ice and in the bottom you had red beans, pandan jelly, strips of jackfruit and young coconut and.. other things I could not identify but loved. Buuut it cost $10, which meant we were broke, and it started to rain so we skee-daddled.



Saturday mornings CB and I like to worship at Otara Market. It is home to our #1 favourite breakfast in NZ– Frabrabrafra. Fried Bread Breakfast! Flat whites and hot fried bread covered in butter and golden syrup ummnnngggggg.. yeeeahhhhh.. the best.


Next time I’m totalling ordering that “Tweedle DeeDee = Dozen”.. sounds intriguing. Donuts? I should have asked.Now normally we have our fry bread, and wander the market stalls looking for our next tasty morsel but this time we went right back to the same food truck to get.. more fried bread.. but THIS time, with BBQ steak, fried onions and an egg. Oh lordy…


We paid a visit to our favourite Rarotongans for a $5 bag of Hot Donuts and a container of banana poke. We then proceeded to dip the donuts IN the poke.. because we are godamn badass mother fuckers and that is how we ROLL. RAAAAAAA! PO-KAYYY!


Our donuts, ever so much wrinkly after the drive home. But still soft and chewy and delicious.


Our grapes are ready! Time for me to look up how I can make wine in the garage using only a bucket. They do it in toilets in prison, it must be possible!

After all that greasy goodness we had to have a nap for about 3 hours… which was so nice. And then we spent the entirety of our evening at the beach, being pumelled by waves and yelling at dogs back on the beach not to pee on the pile of our clothes we left there. I tried body surfing, which I thought I would be really good at due to the amount of body I own, but not so much. It was a whole lot of fun, just farting around in the waves with Cb for hours. I love the ocean, it makes me feel so salty fresh. And tired.. so tired..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

3 thoughts on “Lantern Festival & Otara Goodtimes”

  1. You sure know how to eat 🙂 I go to the lantern festival every year but this is the first year that I have been completely honest with myself and admitted that I only go for the food. Almost got away with not even looking at the lanterns but we decided we needed to walk off our dinner. Maybe next year I will bypass the lantern completely. I tried pork adobo for the first time and it YUM. Sweet, fatty pork…what’s the not to like?

  2. The lanterns were beautiful buttt not as beautiful as my filipino purple ice cream jelly concoction! The pork adobo thing is a sore spot for CB because my ice cream was so expensive he didnt get his pork adobo.. and later that night had a nightmare about it. Literally. I’m the worst girlfriend.. bah..

    And yeah I think our flatmates are happy not to see dozens of random green grapes all over the driveway from my constant testing and instant rejection..

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