Pop & Chips Party



Sometimes, you just need to come home, pour yourself a big cold glass of pop, lay on your stomach, eat some chips and watch a dumb movie. It’s restorative. Its therapeutic. It’s a pop and chips party.

Being a grown up is fucking hard. Everything sucks all the time and it’s all your fault! I think it’s good to take some time to remind 0neself of the greatness of being an adult. You can get in your car, drive it as fast as you want to any store you want, buy chips and chocolate bars and pop with your own money and stay up way past your bedtime watching a movie with explosions, swearing, and naked boobies. The act of getting pop and chips and watching a movie always reminds CB and I of good times with our parents. Especially my dad, and in his honour tonight I also made a plate of cheese and crackers. And ate all of them. And now we are laying in bed, very full of junk food, farting and feeling lots better for it.

This week we’ve had lots of things to sort out. We even had to go to the doctors, and get medicals, and chest x-rays, and worst of all, blood tests. We did it all together, holding pinky fingers, because we are lame, but it was much better having CB there in the Doctors office with me, and vice versa. I finally found out how much I weigh! And how tall I am.. 3 cm’s shorter than it says on my drivers license… I’m shrinking! We were so nervous about getting medicals done but the doctor was very nice, and said we were both healthy buggers except for my exceptionally and irrationally high blood pressure. Oops.. And then we had to get blood tests..

Now.. I have a thing. Not with needles. With blood. Specificially veins, and the act of interfering with blood flow by pressing or interrupting a flow of blood that is on its way somewhere important. This intense squeemishness is probably effecting my blood pressure results as well. Usually getting blood taken results in me throwing up on the nurses face and passing out, only to wake up a few minutes later seeing my mom laughing and a brand new nurse giving it another go. Ha. This nurse was good though, she let me lay down and I just drifted away to my happy place.

My happy place, thank you for asking, is really nice. One time at a mall in Barrie my dad, sister and I were christmas shopping. My dad ducked into the video store to look for presents and my sister and I stood outside the adjacent pet store, watching bunnies in the window for EVER. Like forever. And every time I slice off the end of my finger, slit open my wrist on a piece of scrap metal, or have to have a needle I think of that; in the mall with my sister, watching those fat floppy eared bunnies mindlessly jump around their little glass wonderland. Its gotten me through a lot of lab tests, and at least 7 stitches. This time however I ended up thinking about that marshmallow hedgehog above. I laughed for about 15 minutes solid when I saw it. Imagining someone painstakingly poking marshmallows onto that poor little creature. I laughed way too much actually, CB was getting worried. And then I was very tired, and had a nap.

Anyway, I should probably get to bed. I just wanted to document our fearless week of form filling and lab tests. Oh also, we don’t have tuberculosis all up in our lungs! Whoop-EE!

See ya butts, Kara


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Pop & Chips Party”

  1. Darling, you need to meet Tofu and smoosh your face into his fat, floppy earred body. It’s my happy place.

    As for the hedgehog, I rather like to think that the marshmallows were not done to him, but done to himself. Maybe he’s dressing up to go to his first school dance and wants to win a kiss from a particular mashmallow loving ladyhog?

    1. Yes, I do, bunny face smooshes are the tops. I actually did imagine him doing it to himself, because he doesnt seem that bothered by it, almost proud actually of his new hairstyle. Adorable.

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