Cranberry Muffin

I can’t sleep.

CB isnt here tonight, I’m all my myself and I’m crap at it.

Everyone in North America is too busy being asleep at 4am to entertain me. Im completely out of internet. Ive looked at every single lolcat. Updated myself with every celebrity nip slip and butt itch. Oh, but my favourite thing right now is this:



Probably one of my new most favourite people in the world. Everytime she talks I’m completely captivated by what awesome funny weird crap comes out of her mouth, and now.. well.. this amazing classiness there. We’re getting gay married, is all I’m saying.

Went for a drive, ran out of gas, got gas, seemingly only U2 on the radio, gave up and came home. Had a shower. I tried to do some exercises. I did 5 squats, then got down on the ground to do sit ups and just laid there for a good solid half hour.. told myself I was just warming up.. it was a lie. Then I got hungry.

Now Im sitting in bed eating cheese and crackers. I LOVE cheese and crackers, right down into my soul. Its the best. I’m out of cheese though, so now Im just pantsless covered in cracker bits, feeling lonely, and itchy. I should delete that last sentence because if CB knew I was getting cracker crumbs in the bed he will be having some punches in my face. Oh well.


OH! I did actually see something worth while. David Bowie’s new music video. In it he is married to Tilda Swinton and being stalked by their glamourous former selves or something but the twist is the chick is a dude and the dude is a chick! Its actually pretty terrible, or at least very stupid, but I love it. David Bowie and Tilda Swinton, I wish I could be their beautiful androgynous son named Cranberry.





Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Cranberry Muffin”

  1. Hilarious!! And you’re not alone. I was up at 12:30am. The alarm was set for 3:30am. The hot milk would have worked. But when you know you have 2 bulls that play all night long, and you just moved the two of ’em to areas divided by a hot wire… it takes time to let go of all the, ” What if… ” drama!

    1. Should’ve grabbed your pillow and gone out to sleep in the field with them. Would have made for an interesting night. I’m still up… going to bed now.. for real.. its happening… thanks for the comment, it makes me feel better when I know at least other people are suffering too.

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