Uhscrim dinnum!

turkish pizza


Today, CB and I, went to the doctors to find out the results of our blood and awkward pee in cup tests. After some annoyance when we found out the blood taking lady nurse lady had written our names completely wrong. Not so great when dealing with immigration to give them blood tests with random people’s names on them. Anyway, we got that sorted out, and you’ll be pleased to hear we are both without any of the Hepatitis alphabet, clear of syphilis, and with fully functioning kidneys! Yayy! We were both cleared as “generally fit human beings”. Take that, WORLD! So naturally we celebrated our Doctor signing off on our healthy bods with an ice cream and pizza cheese and sugar bomb coma party! Hahaha. You’re so jealous.

Thats right. I have been so healthy lately that I got to pick ice cream, ANY ICE CREAM I WANTED, and eat it FOR DINNER. I got two little pints of this stuff called Holy Cow.. one was cinnamon doughnuts, caramel and roasted peanuts and CB’s was chocolate with marshmallow and toffee.. it was.. totally.. great..

And then for dessert, we drove downtown to this place on Queen Street for woodfired Turkish PizzaAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAH! I love it.

And then we had to walk all the way up the tremendous 4813109238 mile hill that is Queen Street. And I nearly puked pizza into my pants 11 times and CB was all like “eye roll hurry up peanut youre so slow and stupid” and I was all “faaart burp burp fart oof sorry barf” and then we were like.. lets go home.

And now we are! Time for sleeps. Goodnight chumps who didnt have ice cream for dinner. You are all so sad. Hahaha. Pizza for dessert. We are the best! WE DO WHAT WE WANT! No moms or dads or doctors can stop us from celebrating our fitness with tubs of ice cream! WAHAHAHA!

Eternally yours,

Kara Lalala


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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