Missing Meals


CB is working through the night and once again I’m trying to adjust to going to sleep without him. He always sleeps with tv noise jabbering away quietly and constantly and he set that up for me tonight so it would be just like usual. His computer is switching between episodes of Adventure Time, Futurama, and Batman the Animated Series. It is helping actually.. also the Batman cartoon is actually pretty great, Im enjoying it.

Tonight for dinner I snuck 2 small hot cross buns home from work wrapped neatly in cellophane. I toasted those bad boys up and covered them with butter and golden syrup and fried up a fat pork sausage and that was my dinner with a really strong black tea. It was a nice little dinner, but eating dinner alone feels pointless. Dinner is for people, not reading celebrity gossip and preciously nibbling a sausage by ones lonesome. Aw well, I’ll get used to it. I’m just being a lame butt.

Man I love hot cross buns, they remind me of breakfast at my Nanny and Bapa’s. The smell of these Easter treats brings me right back to their breakfast table. Hot cross buns for breakfast or soft boiled eggs with strips of toast with salty margarine and thick black currant jam. Then my sister and I would put on the matching cardigans my Nan knitted for us, don our flat caps that were just smaller versions of our Bapa’s and go for a wander around Lake Ontario on a cold spring morning. I would race around like an idiot, climbing on the giant rocks and scampering up trees while my sister just walked quietly beside my Bapa. I have no idea how a grown man managed to keep the pace of my sister, Trundle Squad Captain, especially when her legs were only about 8 inches tall. Mostly we would wonder what was for dinner. And we would pray for my Nans Velveeta mac and cheese.

Hot Cross Bunnies

Its getting colder here like fall, but Eastery things are happening and its kind of messing my brain up. Right now Im sitting in our little make shift living room and listening to the wind howl, crickets chirp and birds sing their little bedtime songs. Its dark and about to rain..

I guess it’s time for me to sing my little bedtime song too. Goodnight chumpsters!

Fondest Regards,


P.S I just found a picture of a very rare dinner I had with BOTH of my siblings in Toronto on this day last year..

“Mush”, hardboiled eggs on salad, and wild salmon on caramelized onions care of my fishmonger brother.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

One thought on “Missing Meals”

  1. Those bunny buns look cross. Tofu the bunny LOVES hot cross bus. He once stole a plastic wrapped hot cross bun out of my bag and took it down the hall and under our bed. We found only half the remaining bun.

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