Waffle Costume


Hey there boys and girls,

I’m bored, so I thought I would have a wee peek at this months “Random Ass Things Ordinary Strangers Type Into Google and Somehow Get My Blog!”. Here’s the cream of the crop:


  • woman belly fat drawingdrawing
  • batman boots smell
  • pictures of people jitterbugging
  • creamsicle cake
  • waffle shoes
  • waffle costume
  • waffle hair style
  • dodo bone
  • bakinnnnnnnng
  • drawings of a sweetheart bear
  • knee high frog socks for women
  • zoo orgy animal variety
  • “matching rat tails”
  • bikini girls and coffins
  • real life robot unicorn
  • bumpy lemons
  • prrr the bison
  • lots of stuff

So thank you, everyone, for being such a bloody weirdo, it made me laugh for atleast 2 minutes before I forgot what I was doing, and just started googling pictures of Batman riding a shark from the 90’s Art Nouveau style Batman cartoon about the Jokers hijinx in the city aquarium which leads to Batman riding a giant grey shark all around by gagging him with a length of chain. Pretty cool.. prettyyy cooooolllllll……………. my favourite one of the list by the way is a toss up between “zoo orgy animal variety” because variety afterall is the spice of deviant sex, OR “lots of stuff”.. who googles that. WHO ARE YOU? Do you want to be my protege?

OH ALSO, yesterday CB pointed out that a word I have been using in casual conversation my whole life is not a word but in fact just a nonsense jumble only idiot people say. Comfortability. It looks like a word.. how is it not a word.. totally blew apart my whole reality.




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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