Quelque meme chose


The only kind of lingerie I’m interested in is boulangerie. Am I right!


Check out these little french weirdos. Oula-haha. Quel creepy. I once had a dream where Salvador Dali, dressed exactly like this, walked out of a swimming pool and handed me a necklace, kissed my cheek and walked back into the pool. Dunno what that meant, but Im glad it didnt get weird…

Its april fools and I had an awesome joke to play on everyone at work but I have the weekend off so its ALL FOR NAUGHT! I bought a bag of candies for sharing. Only they are durian candies, or ballsack melon flavour, so it would have been like yay candy–OH BALLS! Damn.. guess Ill just gobble them all up myself.

I stayed up all last night watching youtube videos on cults and mystery diagnosis and things about aliens until I was laying stiff as a board in bed with all the lights on convinced my brain was protruding into my spinal column and aliens were going to show up at any minute and touch me in my butt with a light probe.. ahh.. and then slept most of the day.. consquently, I now have zero concept of time and cant get to sleep again tonight. CB refuses to play monopoly with me. And not just because we dont own the game, I would have figured out a clever way around that using a pizza box and sea shells, but because Im kind of a rude monolopy player. Ah shizz.

I dunno, I guess I’ll try to sleep. Doctor Who was amazing by the way, he has a new jacket AND a sweet anti grav motorcycle. And a bow tie, bow ties are cool. And fish fingers and custard is actually pretty delicious. Although CB’s tum has been making noises like a sad bulldog puppy trapped in an eaves trough for the last hour. Wez Bs Healthy.

Yeah I dunno guess ill try to sleep. Ill try to do something slightly more interesting tomorrow, purely to rectify the blahness of this blog. But it was nice to spend all of Sunday laying in bed listening to the rain.

Peace out


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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