The Boons

We r 1 2 b conxd!

I mean.. WE HAVE INTERNET, FOLKS! Crikey though its like we’ve been shunned from society like a couple of stink lepers or something for years, even though its only been a couple of weeks. We’ve become all amish. Seriously, my qwerty muscles have atrophied and Im just wildly slapping my phalanges onto the keys and hoping to the computer god that Im getting it right. Is english? Oh the typographical errors!

Not to even mention the DAYS of celebrity gossipy I’ve got to catch up on. Ive been getting my fix from 4 month old womens mags on the counter of the take aways.. and they are 100% about kate middleton. Yawn.

No more stooping so low as to actually watch the couple of  Vin Diesel movies we had downloaded and never watched… we have live streaming capabilities NOW!

Oh! Anyway! Lots to say, for sure, and all that. BUT its late, and Ive had very, very little sleep so Im going to go do that now.. But here’s a blog I wrote eons ago on my second night alone in this house. I was having blog withdrawal issues and just opened up word pad and pretended.. sigh…

P.S Ill email you tomorrow mum! Love ya!

April 12, 2013

Well hello there good lookin!

Whacha got cookin’?

Mmmmm that sounds mighty fine, indeed.

Oh me? Naw I’m not cookin’ jack, cupcake. Too lazy!

This blog post has started off in a weird way. You know what makes it even weirder is we’re without internet and I’m typing it into a word processor. Thats probably why its coming out all skewed. Only perverts and alcoholics use word processors. Or you know, writers…

Im home alone tonight. I’ve noticed when I spend an evening alone, I participate in a few ritualistic habits. Like, if I walk down to see CB at the White Lady, I end up walking home and I always, always get gelato on the way. I walk up the never ending hill, eating ice cream and thinking thoughts. Mostly about ice cream. Or imagining showing my siblings around the city, where I would take them, what kind of ice cream they would get. Ya know, ice cream stuff.

HOWEVER. Im at our new house! It’s a bit sad because we have both been working opposite shifts so far and haven’t been in the house at the same time. We just do a hand off of gate keys every 12 or 13 hours. Bah. Next week I will take pictures and write a serious love letter to this place, but for now I’ll just tell you about it.

Okay so.. I have the night shift at the house, so I haven’t had too much time to explore. But I get to drive up twisty mountain roads going WAY too fast listening to my Motorheads and singing with intensity, playing Dodge The Fat Hedgehog. Its properly fun. And then I rumble down our suicidal driveway through a fortress of palm fronds and see our little house. I stand outside the car for a few minutes, and listen to the valley around me. I can hear so many morepork owls, hooting back and forth to each other in their soft little owly voice. I can also hear a strange chirpy gurgly noise that my heart tells me is a Kiwi but we’ll see what google says when I get the hook up. Eeee I hope I have kiwis! Oh god right now I can hear something shuffling around by the front door and I nearly just pooped my Star Trek nightie… fuck. Its scary being here by myself with no cell signal or internet.

Which brings me to my other habit when I have the night by myself. Grocery shopping. Grocery stores are my church I think. I’m immediately at home at them and when I’m sad I always find myself wandering up and down grocery store aisles.  Tonight I went to the Asian supermarket by my work. I got cheap veg, and all kinds of exotic treasures! So Im nice and relaxed.

Now I’m at home, made myself a nice pot of creamy tea and a delicious dinner. A mango and an assortment of mochi: taro, seseme and peanut. The peanut one is amazing and I totally just drooled on my shirt when I put it in my mouth. Oops. Lalala Kara dinner! I got the squishiest mango I could find. I could see other peoples thumb dents in the flesh and I knew that was the one for me. It was perfect. Mangoes are THE BEST.

Okay Im gonna watch the last Doctor Who episode for the 6th time and try to stop jumping at every damn noise and go to sleep. Night!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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