Ditches N’ Hoes


It’s nearly midnight and considering my day started at 4am this morning I should be the Mayor of Snoozeville right now. But Im up, reading celebrity gossip and learning how to grow pink oyster mushrooms in a laundry basket… hrmph.

Its been a crazy week. Work is SO much work! Weather has been totally mental here. Sunday night we lost power here and just sat in the living room with our nerdy hand-crank radio/siren/flashlight pressed against the window watching the wind push all the trees towards the ground, palm fronds whipping past us at 100km/h. At one point I remarked that its crazy we can see the tree from the front of the house at the side of the house. This is why..


It had a bit of an accident. In the morning it looked like a giant had grabbed the tree, twisted and pulled. Half of it was torn away and leaning against the house. An hour of CB playing tree bondage with some rope and a saw, and it was down. Now it’s laying forlornly on the path into our backyard. Something tells me we are going to be renting a chainsaw soon.

Oh and then the real fun started. Our driveway completely washed out, it was like a waterfall. Right before I drove CB to work we were out in the pissing rain digging a trench down the side of the driveway. CB with a gravel rake and me with my trusty hoe! So much mud… It was actually kind of fun.

Just as we were making it up the driveway the sun came out and it was beautiful. The sunset was fiery orange and we watched the water evaporate in great clouds of steam off the hills around us. It was pretty.

Tuesday we had very nice weather, and I bought all the fruits and vegetables.



Feijoa’s and a wrinkly little yellow passion fruit.



Our most healthy lunch of all time. Salad made from the beet greens and rocket from our garden, with beets, purple carrot, winter pear, almonds, cheese, hard boiled eggs, spicy hungarian salami and sprouts. Woooo! It was delicious hippy nonsense in my mouth.



Sometimes my skirt looks pretty in the sun. Lame.


So much sunshine!

Thats all thats been happening here really. I got to feed Will.I.Am today, sort of.. he requested peanuts and raisins… probably wont be posting anything for another week or so, work is mayhem. Mothers day. Pah! Bunch of mothers, is right..

Love you mom!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

4 thoughts on “Ditches N’ Hoes”

  1. As a proponent/victim of our healthy eating adventures, I’d say we’re at about 60/40 on the healthy eat side at the moment. I’m finding that time is the main factor that determines whether we have a nice salad or just give up and hit the takeaway. You know you’re not doing as well as you should be when the healthy food your eating make you feel like you smoked some kind of health crack. We felt like goddamn superheros just after, gifted with the powers of patting ourselves on the back for not eat Carl’s Junior one time.

    Also, I like to remove the plural and assume Will.I.Am just requested one of each, then made them fight to the death

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