Sunshine, Lollipops, Sweet Dreams, CANDY!


Its been freezing cold, grey and rainy this week but yesterday it was beautiful and sunny so I took some shits around the house– what I meant to type was “shots” around the house but yesterday CB and I had some food adventures gone awry so that first one is actually pretty accurate too…

When I woke up it was rainy and blah but then the sun came out! I had a shower and even sunbathed out on the lawn and signalled down planes for thousands of miles around. I managed to get my sister on skype on my phone so I would walk around talking to her on the phone like a regular person. It was nice. And then the rain came.. and then the HAIL CAME! I jumped out of bed every 10 minutes to check on the hail. CB screamed like a little girl everyime I lifted the covers to jump out and look out the window hahaha. It was an incredible roar on the tin roof. Little ice balls the size of BB’s blanketed our lawn an inch thick last night. It almost looked like snow. And then, it was cold. Really really cold. Proper freeze to death cold, in our house. Yay! We slept bundled up with the cover over our head with a vent for air and to let out the farts. Oy veh.. But we’re alive! We made it!

This morning I screamed when I woke up. I screamed when I got out of bed. I REALLY screamed when I had to get into our all metal shower. And then I screamed as I tried to find socks. Why dont I have readily available socks! While making breakfast there was steam pouring off of everything. Even a room temperature fork was steaming. We laughed, long plumes of steam shooting from our mouths like MIGHTY DRAGONS! Then we watched cartoons while dancing to keep warm.


But yesterday, there was flowers!


These are my nice warm bare feet posing with a posey. This morning I am wearing 2 pairs of socks and my pair of newfie mittens on my feet to keep them warm so.. this is nice to see again for me.



These are the weird unidentified fruit that I have since identified. Cherry guavas! Only as soon as one gets ripe and red a tui eats them all. ARGH!



I found about a dozen hydrangea seedlings in little pots around the compost bin at the back of the yard. Yay!


Little bastard tui mocking me and eating all my guavas!


A pretty silvery dead fern.


Oh! You know that tree that fell on our house? Cory murdered it! Hacked it into pieces and now we are using the logs as exercise equipment! Life gives you lemons, turn it into a free gym membership. There was only one weird thing.. the first night it got really cold, wetas drilled their way out of the logs and died on our floor. This one is 2 inches long.. I screamed the whole time I took this picture, imagining it was just playing dead and was about to jump on my face.




For some reason I thought this might be a strawberry and I ate it. It was not a strawberry.




End of the day cup of tea.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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