Kitted OUT!


  • – pastry brushes
  • – jar of chefs jacket buttons, hair ties and ibuprofen
  • – dirty little orange recipe bible
  • – pastry cutters
  • – markers, pens and masking tape for labelling
  • – wide zester
  • – wide scraper/cake edger
  • – variety of piping tips
  • – ice cream scoop from my gram
  • – rubber spatula
  • – large balloon whisk
  • – wooden spoon with flat edge for scraping the sides of a pot
  • – my precious offset spatula
  • – digital thermometer
  • – scissors
  • – melon baller
  • – reamer
  • – board scraper and bowl scraper
  • – vegetable peeler
  • – serrated cake sword
  • – 10″ wide blade chefs knife of high quality and low price point, stamped with a K
  • – sturdy peeler for thick skinned root vegetables
  • – granola bar, totally essential for survival

I finally brought my pastry kit home for a proper clean up! Well, CB cleaned it up for me while I laid on the floor yammering away. Then I wondered off and found a chocolate bar laying beside the bed and ran screaming back into the room “CB! I DIDNT EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE BAR!” Genuinely the best day of my life so far..

Thought I would take a picture of my kit for the ol blog for posterity. Everything in it is necessary, well used and well loved. Everything except the cannoli tubes, I don’t really use them for anything but wearing on my fingers and making a creepy Italian voice at people.. but thats actually pretty necessary.

We got to go for a long drive to the chef shop for a new cake knife because mine has.. wandered off.. It was pissing down and I could hardly see the road and drove like an old woman, right past my exit, over and over again. Eventually we got to where we were going though. Then we had a nice lunch of donburis and udon noodle soups followed by a drive out to Browns Bay for some french pastries. Then we came home and had a long nap which was so nice. Also.. drumroll please.. we did LAUNDRY!

While the laundry was rolling their dirty butts around in the machine we perused the many second hand shops in the area. We came away with an ancient orange enamel pot, a mug that said “NIGHT” on it, a David Attenborough book, a cookie recipe book that rocks and an AWESOME little pea green crushed velvet arm chair. Fifteen bucks, yo! Soon, soon we will have furniture like real peeps! Next up is to replace the upside down laundry basket for a real coffee table.

Also I should mention we did all this driving in a loaner car… but I wont go into the frustrating details of that!

Now its time to finish this chocolate bar, watch Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best and chill out with some tea. Peace out.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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