Weiner Stomp


Hello, I’m Kara. One day while CB was doing awesome things with his motorcycle, with oil changes and signal lights and stuff, I just wandered off right in the middle of some super awesome facts about motorcycle stuff. I wandered down into the woods for, like, and hour and didn’t even respond when CB yelled because he didn’t know where I was. Then I came back and was all like “IFOUND SOME PIGS MAYBE! I’M WHIMSICAL!” Meanwhile, CB had to be all by himself fixing motorbike stuff and listening to movies. He even cut himself and NO ONE GOT HIM A BAND AID! But I did get him a pie earlier and it was a Mrs. Mac’s Big Cheese and Mince pie and he’d never even had one of those before, so that was okay.


Here is the sky. It had some clouds in it that I pointed out 30 times until CB acknowledged that, yes, there are clouds.


This is a post that a fence wire lives on.


This is some kind of leaf. It’s having a sunshine dinner.


These are some gross old Quinces that I left on the window sill forever even though CB told me they were gross and growing some fuzz. I just told him “They’re naturally hairy” then made a joke about his hairy face and cooked them up any way. Gross.


I put some honey on them. That’ll fix it.


But then I made something good which was red cabbage which is the ultimate combination of poor Irish food and Poor German food. It was great and CB ate all of it with out remorse. Then spent the entire night not even mentioning once that his stomache was sore.


This is a dwarf’s leggs I found in a feild. The possums had scampered off with the rest of him already.


Some fat bird. Workout, or something, man. Jeez. Chub.



Check it, some field.


Some flower that CB has no feelings about. No one questions his sexuality.


Don’t you hate it when people say foilage. And then they think it’s right. There’s a really angry Morepork in the woods right now and I think this was his house. He’s pissed that I invaded his space.



Here I smelled some pig spore in the gorse. Gorse spore. Maybe we have some pigs! CB thinks I’m going to get gored. Spore gorse gored by some poor boar.


This is a Nasturtium that’s growing in the gorse. Probably in the spore. I ate it. I have Swine Flu now and have to sleep on the couch.





This is a dinner that I didnt make enough of and then I tried to stop Cb from eating as much as he wanted and he was like NO WAY and totally didnt get sick from eating too much cabbage and sour cream and spicy German mustard like a little baby man. CB totally showed restraint by saving himself a half eaten frankfurter (out of 7) and some cold potatoes in the fridge.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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