June Bug


Eugh. I hate June bugs.

Anyway there is no threat of June bugs here, because it is winter. The only June bug here is the cold CB & I currently have. We have been spending our nights romantically snuggling in bed. Trying not to freeze to death, snotting all over the place. At one point CB just gave up and laid on his side with a pile of toilet paper beside his head and just let it flow, baby. Au Naturale. I cuddle up to whisper sweet nothings in his plugged ears and just cough and wheeze loudly like an an asthmatic old man. And when I cough, its so strong, that I fart. Romance.

ANYWAY. I haven’t written a blog in eons because our internet is less than dependable and has just decided not to bother anymore. BUT ALSO more importantly I haven’t done a blog about things I love in a long time.. so here goes!

Firstly on things I love, ma fam. And in fam news, a HUGE MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Vick who is now engaged!! Finally some handsome young buck is going to make a proper man outta her! I’m very proud. She’s the first one of us cousins to get a ring on it, and probably the last considering the state of us as a group…. Love you guys!

Secondly, I quit my job! Because it was terrible! And I hated it! And now I have a new job! Fine dining, y’all. I’m very excited, but more nervous than I am excited. Its an awesome opportunity to tighten, refine and expand my skills until I am an elite pastry jedi and can make souffles rise with my mind and trisect sponge cakes with my light saber and then make out with my sister and have my dad cut off my hand !! Did I mention I watched the entire star wars trilogy while I was home sick from work..

AND ON THAT NOTE! Things I hate: Boba Fett. Why is he so popular? He’s in the movie for like 25 seconds, fumbles around trying to shoot Skywalker, and then falls into the Sarlak pit like an idiot.

More things I love:


My wood pigeon friend Gregory. His hobbies include being a super fat pigeon, waiting til Im not paying attention and dive bombing the trees over my head which makes me scream, and attempting to poop on me!


Wandering around the yard finding random weird cool things and trying to eat them. The tenants before us here were “organic gardeners” which I think just meant they were lazy and just chucked random plants all over then put their rabbits poop on top of it. But it means I get to find all kinds of cool things sprouting up from weird places, which is always fun.


I love these garbage lilies. They are beautiful and always grow beside piles of garbage, beside highways and in dumpy places like that. They are pretty.


Dew drops on petals.


Dew drops on SPIDER WEBS!


Fog hanging low in the valley.


Fuzzy leaves.


Yard work in the winter. Muddy boots and runny noses, weed whackin and sweepin’ it all up. Feels good!

I also love a couple of small things we have managed to save for in the last 3 weeks that have actually vastly improved our quality of life, such as a coffee table and a little red vacuum cleaner. Its amazing how those things make me a lot happier. Now I can clean up our dirty house, and have a place for my computer and coffee that isn’t just my lap. Because that was always an accident waiting to happen! Every time we do laundry at the laundromat in Henderson we wander the second hand shops around it and we always find something. We have furnished the living room for $65!

I love that my mom said “Love That Rectal Rain” to me the other day when we were discussing oreos.


I love Exit Mold. One day last week we woke up to a warm fog enveloping our little house which is a nice change to the freezing cold dampness of the devil that usually wakes us up. But it seemed to trigger every surface in the house to erupt overnight with a layer of mold. It was.. horrible.. but we systematically cleared every room, vacuumed, bleached and laundered every item, and put it back. And now our house is spic and span! So it was kind of nice.

Cheese & Mince pies from the Snaxx Cafe on Queen Street and the K road.. yeah baby.

I love that we are such country bumpkins that there is a mouse living in our CAR.  So, we went to the car wash today and.. tidied. But how country is THAT! Yeah!

I love that I mentioned to CB that I was thinking of mixing my apple cider with prune juice to make a new sensational cocktail and he replied that it was “a good idea if I want effervescent diarrhea for the next 2 days”. For some reason that was especailly visceral to me and I laughed, a lot. Imagine. IMAGINE IT!

I love having a fever. It makes me happy!

I love lemongrass. Lemon grass, steeped in milk tastes EXACTLY like Fruit Loops! Incroyable! I might make lemongrass panna cottas on my next day off and Ill post it up here.

OH! My biggest love of the last few weeks is a present CB bought me. A motorcycle helmet. And then, we went out, and he taught me how to ride his motorcycle! I didn’t get passed 30km/h and I can only drive in a straight line, but it was an ADRENALINE RUSH! And I love it. I’ve got the motorcycle madness! My next present is going to be a sweet sticker for my helmet. Im thinking of like.. a sexy bikini girl with chains and roses and fiery skulls that glows in the dark. Ill keep you posted.

And I love dinner, which I am going to go make. Peace out!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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