Days Off!


You know what I love? Not being at work! I’ve had two awesome days off, and enjoyed every minute of it. Yesterday we rolled out of bed late and had a breakfast date together. And then, we decided to go to the movies, which is always great. We had some time to waste before it started so we perused the toy store and I wore an Iron Man mask and played with tiny plastic dinosaurs. Then we went to the electronics stores and I touched all kinds of expensive things with my grubby little fingers. And then we went to the pet store, and met the love of my LIFE. A little black poodle pup saw me and instantly knew that I would kidnap it and we would spend our days frollicking and sharing ice creams and having fleas together. The pet store girl opened up her little cubby hole and I held the wee poodle on my chest like a little warm furry bottle of guts! So cute. And then when I was finished squishing the puppy and calling it strange things, we went to see SUPERMAN!

And it was just super, man.

So much handsome is happening there with the face and the chest and the arms and the abs. Oh my. That movie was awesome. Maybe even better than Batman. YEAH I SAID IT, SO WHAT! Did Batman throw a train through a Sears and then end up in space using a satellite to punt some baddie in the plums? Nope, do not remember that happening, but he does have Alfred. Alfred is cool.


And then, I rode a motorcycle around in the sunshine like some total badass.


Leader of the pack, putt putt…


Who’s got two thumbs and rode a motorcyle like a pro without even crying? This gal. The helmet squishes my cheeks in real tight and gives me permanent chubby face. Its pretty rebellious and cool.


Then we came home and I sat out on the fence and imagined frollicking through the fields with my best friend dog forever who I totally don’t even want to kidnap and keep for myself…


Then I learned all about the BEARDS AND THE BEES. Lulz.


Cuppa tea, anyone?


Getting in the last of the sunshine of the day, in case it rained tomorrow.


These little purple flowers were pretty but I touched them and my hands smelled like butts all night.


The End.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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