Maybe I Love Someone Who is Oatmeal, Kara!


Days off days off days OFF!

Get ya butt out! Get ya booty plugged in! Shake your pants up! Shake your pants up! Show me all your good stuff! YEAH!

So.. Its my days off. It’s pretty exciting. We’ve mostly been running errands, washing our dirty stinking laundry. Which actually cleaned our house at the same time, because once all the piles of grubby t-shirts were removed everything was spotlessly tidy!

Check out that fish and chips. It was REEL delicious! Hahaha…


Come to me, you sweet white fleshy goodness.. ommmmmanommmm… Also we saw a poster in the fish shop for a Hangi on saturday, so we are going to eat SO good on saturday! Pork, and veggies that taste like pork, and pork stuffing, fried bread for putting our pork on.. yeahhhhh




Everything in new zealand looks like this. Seriously, there is like moss and lichen and furry green tendrils of fuzz on everything. Anyway I thought it was cool enough to take a picture of. May have been mistaken..


So that weird thing randomly growing out of our lawn that I thought was some kind of asparagus is turning into an alien apparently.


4 months in and our celery still isnt done yet.. OH OH OH! But I got a seed catalogue in the mail– well, it was adressed to come bitch named Miriam but I feel like she’d want me to have it– and Im going to order me some seeds. And make baby plants in my green house. And plant them in my garden, wait until they grow up, then mercilessly kill and eat them with salt and pepper like it ain’t no thang.


Cute, a little pink pom pom flower.


Ferns R funs.


This is my Gregory being all shy and stuff. I started loudly having a conversation with him, cause I thought we were buds, and he got all bent out of shape and flew his tubby nubbiny butt outta there. I miss him.


Then I heard all this crazy annoying commotion above me and I was like what the heck is happening. And then I noticed that this big old tree was completely covered in parrots! RAINBOW PARROTS! Lorikeets I presume. But they were going apeshit over these pink flowers. I couldnt get a good picture, but believe me, there was at least an infinite amount of parrots in that tree. It was like looking at a goddamn Hawaiian shirt up there. But I had to get a closer look..


Ten minutes of stomping through the woods, getting clothes lined by vines in the neck and guts and falling barefoot into what may have been just piles of dead worms in there I gave up my quest. BUT I got a picture of the flowers there were going crazy for. Now SHUSH I’m making doughnuts and youre distracting me!!!



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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