Bleach Buddies


What was a gorgeous sunny day has very quickly turned grey and cold with a wind that smells of electricity and rain.

Oh well, I’m stuck inside anyway, scrubbing away like a good little scrub. Bleach is my friend. Bleach fixes everything! J’adore le bleach, et c’est mon amie! Beacoup le bien grenouille sur le croustille! Perhaps I have spent too much time on my knees worshipping bleach today, I’ve gone all French in the head.

I’m going to miss this moldy old house in the middle of the jungle. While it was still warm and sunny this morning I snuck out while breakfast sizzled away and took a couple of pictures. Even though its full of black spiders the size of of basketballs and its bitchingly chilly at night, when it’s sunny its stupid beautiful. In the morning when the sun first hits it and all the wood of it shudders and creaks like me getting out of bed in the morning, is nice.


And there’s so many birds! I sat outside on the porch yesterday with an ear out for the hum of CB’s motorcycle heading down the driveway and all I could hear is goddamn twitters and tweets. I saw Gregory my fat wood pigeon attempting a graceful landing on a sapling that just swayed with his weight straight down to the ground. I saw beautiful white doves, some honking ducks, and a partridge, tuis, finches, fantails, sparrows, and screeching parrots all in the span 5 minutes.


I’m so gay for dewy spiderwebs. Its like.. you HAVE to take a picture if you seen one.


Some sad little daffodil unwrapping itself.


I love the look of those pom pom palms, they look like something out of fraggle rock or something. I also love the look of those ferns when their heads fall off and they are just strange tubes shooting out of the foliage.


A rose starting to rot, all the while looking very symmetrical and pink.


The view from our old green couch of our old green chair. As you can see, in the time it’s taken me to write this the weather has gotten sunny again.  A very cool thing is happening where I can see the rain blowing around the valley like a weird foggy mist but it’s not showering yet. Actually, even stranger, it’s not raining, the mist is being sucked upwards off of the pine trees into the clouds. Its very pretty to watch. Im off to wander around in circles barefoot on the lawn talking to myself until CB gets home from motorcycle laundry!



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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