Back In Town


13,888km down, 3,044 more to go!

Well, we’re back. We made it. Our butts were completely flat and our brains totally zonked after the 19 hour flight, but it was relatively painless. We’ve been back in Canada for 5 days and we have already done more than 14 hours of driving during our tour of hugs and cups of tea all around Ontario. So many hugs. So.. many..


It feels really good to be back in Canada. I will miss NZ, but not as much as I have missed my people here. Even my stinky old dog. ESPECIALLY my stinky old dog. And my brain damaged one eyed cat that barely recognized us. She just stood at the end of the hallway staring at us, stuck her tongue out, turned around and ran away.


Everyone is looking all tanned and healthy at the end of the summer here. Nothing has changed too dramatically since we’ve been gone. The engagement of a cousin, my brothers career success and scholarship to a masters program, another cousin starting her PhD in England, CB’s dad pretty much built a barn by himself and my gram moved our of her dream cottage because of the recession ruining everything ever. My parents are finally quitting smoking! And the money is plastic now!! Apparently it has been melting?? I dunno. All I know is when we got off the plane and ordered our first Tim Hortons coffees and bagels with cream cheese and doughnuts the total came to $5 and I was like.. wait really, all of these foods? I love you canada! It was nice to hear Canadian accents again. We sound fucking goofy, eh! IMG_5301


Oh, and breakfast. Oh how I missed ye, smokey bacon and sausages and has browns and eggs and ketchup! Real ketchup! Hallelujah!



We have managed to eat most of the foods we were nostalgic for in New Zealand. It all began with breakfast at the diner. Dill pickle chips. Yellow beans with butter and pepper. DOUGHNUTS! Kraft dinner. Red Hot Hot Dogs. Proper bacon. Sausages! My moms cooking. BBQ’d hamburgers and potato salad with hardboiled eggs. Drip coffee. Kosher dill pickles.


I took some pictures around my mums garden. Some pretty flowers being all pretty, and for some reason a dragon. The backyard in Elliot Lake is beautiful. My parents have hung hummingbird feeders and they had hummingbirds buzzing around all the time, making cute little squeeks. They dont even seem like real life things.

On the way up north we saw a baby bear! All over the highway.. poor bugger. We also saw a skunk, a deer, a coyote and a cat.. all over the highway.. Charming! Oh and CB saw a beaver, alive!


Oscar giving me The Look. Hypnotizing me into putting my camera down and going in the house to whip him up a pan of lasagne. It FAILED!


My sister with a cute ghost on her shirt.


We got out in my parents pontoon boat for one last ride around the lake before it gets sold. It was so sunny and relaxing.


This is a picture of a nice rock I took while we waited for my dad to start the boat after horribly flooding the engine!


We saw EAGLES!!


After a nice dinner of pad thai my sister and I went for a walk to the beach around the corner.



Damn punk kids and their graffitos.


‘Laxin and maxing in ma flippy floppies.


Sand swoop!

Tomorrow Im picking my beloved brother up at the train station for pool parties and BBQ chicken! Woo WOO! Then we pack up our sweet old Buick and we are off to Newfoundland! Its going to take about 4 days to get there, so we will take lots of pictures mom I promise.




Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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