Stomping Moss Like a Boss


We’re in Newfoundland! I’m off to work in a few minutes, but I thought I’d throw up a few pictures I took last night while CB was making fried porkchop dinner! We got home and out of the car and he told me to turn around. And then when he said turn back, he was holding a handful of tiny perfect blueberries!! All the little scrubby plants around our place were actually BLUEBERRIES! Yeeeah! So naturally I wasnt interested in anything else and ran inside to get a cup and spent an hour combing the heath around our place looking for deliciousness.

So, this is our new backyard. It’s pretty great. Its breathtakingly beautiful here and everywhere I look is like a goddamned post card so next day off Ill go around the town and take some proper pictures. Its been sunny and 21 degrees out the last couple of days. CB and I havent done too much exploring, just a few drives out around the coastline watching the sun set over the ocean. I like it so far.


Willy’s flower.


Some sort of raspberry. POSSIBLY something called a Hairy Plumboy which is awesome.


Baby bloobs!!


Patridge berries. They taste like a cranberry with a funky kind of aftertaste, I like it.



Some moss. Not as delicious.



This is the church across from us.



An entire field of blueberries.


Out to see.


A quick shot of the colour palette here, didnt come out very accurately.


A fishermans hall that is currently being used as a woodshop beside our humble trailer.


Some birchiness.

One of the best things so far is last night I was filling out paperwork and for address I had to put “The Trailer Behind the Big Church”. Oy veh.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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