Ahoy Boy!


Ahhhh days off.. So rare and so beautiful, like a magestic.. I dunno, some cool frog or something that’s endangered in the rain forest that you forget about but then when you finally see it you’re like “Oh that! I love those! Aw, awesome. So cool”. Yeah, like that.

I endangered frog’d the hell out of today, anyway! We did it all. Went out for a breakfast, did a bit of shopping– I bought caaaandy! But the highlight was engaging in my favourite day off past time..


Getting drunk in the bath in the afternoon!

Absolutely nothing in this world is more relaxing. I literally had to lay down afterwards because I was too relaxed to stand up. I like to crank it hot and just boil my troubles away while making my blood as thin and fluid as possible. Afterwards I feel like a goddamn minestrone.  Good stuff.


These are the housewarming presents from my family. A crystal decanter that was a wedding present to my Nanny & Bapa. I filled it up with whiskey and used it today, and did a cheers to them. I also have a gilded tea cup from my grandma which I’m too afraid Im going to break to use.


We poked around in this shop called “This n’ That” which has all kinds of random stuff like kissing frog salt & pepper shakers I seriously had a hard time not buying. I noticed they also have OIL PAINTS! I bought a few small Newfie cookbooks that are all amazing.


Then we had KD and FRIED BAH-LOOOH-NEEEE for lunch (dinner?)! Mmm mm good.


An old friend and coworker is coming to work at the Inn tomorrow, and will be staying with us for a while. This is her room which I have decorated with mismatched sheets, an old wooden chair, and a package of Big Chew. I’m an impeccable hostess.

We didn’t know what she likes to eat so CB stocked the cupboard with Kraft Dinner, Peanut Butter and Cheerios sooo.. hope she eats like a 12 year old boy!


I bought a little jar of cloudberry jam and a big box of beer.


These are some wild garlics Chef Murray gave me after an event at the Inn last night. I didnt have a vase big enough for them so I just put them on the floor. Martha Fuckin Stewart!


Then, we had a nap on the couch for a bit, cleaned the house, and I spent a few hours outside picking berries. I picked all of them! And then we ATE THEM!! Mmm Burries.

Right now to my right the sun is going down over the ocean and the wind is blowing nice smells through the open window. To my left is the sound of CB cooking up an awesome dinner of bacon and perogies. This evening we have a pop & chips party planned. This evenings selection is World War Z, dill pickle and Pepsi. Global Maritimes owns the rights to all the James Bond movies apparently so thats usually what we have been watching. It will be a nice change of pace. Also, James Bond is such a sexual predator, gross. Watching Roger Moore make out is the worst thing to have ever been filmed. Sean Connery groping random chicks somehow works though. The last one we watched he manhandled some chick into doing it in a sauna and then smash cut to him leaving saying “See ya later”. So so sauve.

Oh my moms on the phone, BYE!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

2 thoughts on “Ahoy Boy!”

  1. You are the perfect daughter in law. I as well like to get drunk in the tub in the afternoon followed by a nap and supper that Billie has whipped up while I’m snoozing. I made sure I trained my boy right so that he will cater to your every need.

    Love your favourite mil

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