Cake Walk


I’m thinking about renaming Karalalala to “The Day Off Blog” because that is what it has become. My days off so far have always fallen on a weekend day. Not much to do on an island of 2000 peepers on a sunday, everything is shut up tighter than a bishops teet…. yeah I’m trying out making some of my own newfie-isms, needs some more work I think.

No sleeping in for me, damn it! I rolled my aching bod out of bed at 8am to make CB a nice balogna themed breakfast. As I squeezed ketchup farts all over my eggs I thought, hold up… it’s mostly just me eating ketchup, we bought this bottle about 20 days ago.. I have eaten an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF KETCHUP IN 20 DAYS. Good lord. I’ve been hittin’ the red sauce a little too hard, me thinks. Just cannot resist that sweet tomato nectar.

Work has been long hours but it’s been great. The Inn had its first fully booked weekend! Everyone was on high alert and so nervous stuff was going to fark all up and everyone was going to hate the place and burn it down and then post pictures of it on trip advisor or something. But it went really really well. Everyone seemed to be having an awesome time. The lead singer of Great Big Sea, aka the King of Newfoundland was here for the weekend. Guests/hardcore fans got to hang out with him all weekend go foraging for berries, having bonfires, drinking a lot of beers. Yesterday the community hosted a Boil Up for everyone. It was a really cool event.

A surreal and pretty awesome moment for me happened yesterday evening while rolling out puff pastry in my little cubby hole kitchen outside of the banqueting room. Alan Doyle was in there practising for his show for the guests later that night. Just belting it out, strumming a guitar like a maniac while another fellow from the Inn sang random songs. Singing the theme song to The Greatest American Hero and things like that. Listening to that iconic east coast voice in real life, with a view out to the ocean while I made pastries and put lattice on my partridge berry tarts, dancing by myself. Later that night I came back in to my kitchen to find him and Paddy hiding from the crowd drinking wine and chatting away. He apologized for bothering me doing my work with his singing earlier *eye rolllll*. Like it wasnt the coolest thing ever. Really good guy, it was nice to meet him. I feel like my 6th grade teacher and #1 GBS fan in the world Mrs. Pickett is screaming like a beiber fan girl somewhere in Ontario. I found it really hard not to yell out “Play some Barenaked Ladies!” though..

Oh! Another thing I thought was so cool. There was a wedding going on this weekend and of course, everyone is related to the bride or groom in some way but couldn’t get off work because of the hotel being fully booked. So everyone wanted to see Alan Doyle, but everyone also wanted to go to the wedding. So Alan Doyle ducked out with his wife and went to the wedding. I thought that was a very cool thing to do.

The dinners went so well! The first evening was a 5 course fancy plated affair that looked absolutely gorgeous. Chef is a master of plating, Im always so in awe of the things he comes up with. Its like looking at a painting when he’s finished. Luckily for me he’s been helping me with the sweet side of it as well. I tend to be a bit straight forward with my plating and it’s always bugged me. No sense of showmanship, I say! Dessert was Iles de Flotantte, floating islands, which is a snowball of poached meringue perched atop a pile of berries and then anglais is poured tableside for the folks. I got to use tiny wild blueberries, crowberries, marshberries, partridge berries, cranberries and gooseberries for this one. It looked very pretty.

The next night was a big family style supper with traditional newfie family favourites like pea soup with dough by’s! Big fat turkeys, cod fish and vegetables braised in molasses. Really hearty gorgeous stuff. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of the desserts because they made me so happy. I cleaned down the kitchen spotlessly and set out all my goodies on the stainless steel tables. Then I stood in front of it like a mad dictator in front of his army of sugar troops. I had..

– 10 molasses & partridge berry jam tarts. 100% grandma style. Only my grandma style is a bit senile if you looked at my lattice work, for shame.

– 10 HARCORE trifles with custard and berries and sherry and milk sponge cake and jellies decorated with thick rosettes of chantilly cream, a mountain of fresh berries and cubes of sparkling pink jelly on top, candied orange peel and dehydrated raspberries and chunks of praline…

– 10 Bread Puddings cut in slices arranged on wooden planks with custard sauce. Home made brioche bread soaked in thick lemony custard with fresh blueberries smashed in every nook and cranny…

– 16 loaves of sourdough bread, white and rye

And the piece de resistance.. extra dark, thick and creamy hot chocolate with fat home made marshmallows. Like fluffy icebergs in a mud puddle. And when you put the marshmallows in the hot chocolate they melt and make that sexy creamy foam on top. I knew it was good because I got 2 hugs and 4 high fives.

Thats the kind of baking that makes me happy.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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