Sandy Cove


The beach is the best. A couple of weeks ago a gal I work with and I went to a little beach here called Sandy Cove to collect seaweed for a dessert. It was a pretty little beach but we were there on business, even if we didnt look very business with our trusty bucket and pants rolled up to our knees, so I didn’t get to explore as much as I would have liked. CB doesnt have the day off with me so I thought I’d waste a few afternoon hours trawling around the beach picking up gross things.






Like a proper adventurer I stuffed my pockets full of Fudgee-o’s for the road, slung a camera around my neck and I was ready to go. Blasting Prince and blazing down the road in my Buick, all sunshine and rainbows, feeling mighty good. Sandy Cove is in Tilting, which is a little Irish community about 10 minutes from here. It’s a nice drive and I always imagine it must be just full of caribou in the night, it’s nice and marshy with lots of pine to hide in.


The beach is such an exciting place for me. There is always a sense of drama and impending discovery. I’m always so certain that the dark mass up ahead is going to be a seal and it turns out to be old underwear or something. I was so excited thinking there was a cool bone up ahead I went scampering off to it only to discover it was just a piece of plastic siding off some poor bastards house. Damn it!


Thought it was a hip bone and a cool ribbed shell.. it was some paper towel and some plastic.


Never has anyone poured over an old rug with such curiosity before. You can only imagine what I thought this was gonna be from 100 feet away:


Everything could be a seal friend, a cool bone, an awesome fossil, or treasure! 150% of the time it is old moldy garbage. I never stop hoping though. Actually one time it was an actual seal, but it was incredibly dead. It was a little eyeless balloon of sea stink rot looking ready to burst. I ran away.

Like when I was little and found a gigantic bone in the creek and nearly exploded with joy FINALLY I FOUND A DINOSAUR BONE I knew I would, I always felt I would. I brought it all the way home only to have my dad tell me it was a cows femur. Oh the disgust and disappoint. Looking back that was still cool though..



Looking out onto the slow rippling waves was relaxing until I had to pee. After that everything on the beach was done with such a sense of urgency, I can tell you.


The water flowing into the ocean looked exactly like beer and was making me thirsty for drunkeness.


Check it out! I did find a bone! And I touched it! Now I have boneitis.


Mmmm frothy beer stream…



This crab shell looks like a man with chubby cheeks going “Hey Guys! Where’s my legs at!”


I found this nice smooth black bit of charcoal that had been rubbed away by the sea. I nearly ate it from my pocket mistaking it for a bit of cookie.


Someones sad memory of a sand castle.


So I spent a couple of hours taking pictures of crab exoskeletons and splashes of interesting coloured moss on rocks and what not until it started looking like rain. I thought I’d nip into Tilting and take a couple of pictures. I felt like a nobhead tourist wandering around with a camera though so I didnt take many pictures even though it’s a very beautiful little town.IMG_5593

Now Im going to spend the rest of my alone time drinking copious amounts of tea and listening to my records quite loudly. I might even stare out the window at the rainy sunday afternoon WHILE I sip my tea. Im a real wild one.






Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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