Beer & Berries

berries on chair

This pretty much sums up my day off. Beer and berries. I got a nice little haul of bloobs considering I was only picking for about 20 minutes. And a dish of rose hips for tea or jelly. There was enough to fill my large white bucket but I wasnt sure if they were going to get bigger so I’ll wait a couple of weeks before I pick more.


The best dinner for a sunny day. Sticky sweet garlicy ribs, a roast chicken and some creamy coleslaw. Yeah boy! I made a big old pitcher of iced tea to have with it.


You know I just bought it because of the logo.. such a sucker.. I managed to wait until after lunch with CB in his shack before I broke into these badboys. Leftover cabbage rolls covered in cheese.


The a bucket of blue.. the beginnings of something beautiful..


Boiling up those yummy porky bones.


So dark.. almost cajun style. Really sweet, really salty, really sticky. Yum.


And to finish it all of.. ice cream cones and sunsets..

CB and I spent the evening watching Futurama and dreaming up new dessert menu ideas. We have some cool things planned! Can’t wait to make them! Perfect day off.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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