Hunting Cloudberries


Its beautiful outside today and I dont have to be stuck in my kitchen so I thought I’d spend my morning harvesting all the blueberries from our front yard. All I needed was a bucket, my camera, and an ice cream cone and I was ready to rock. I got about half a bucket in when I became more interested in taking pictures of nice looking rocks. I decided to do a photo tour of my “back yard”. I just kind of meandered around up this large rocky hill beside our trailer to have a peek. There was a fantastic view at the top of the Inn and the ocean, and Joe Batts.


The Black Tower!


The blueberries are little plumpers now. So sweet!


These mossy rocks were pretty. Kind of reminded me of a trout.


Not sure what berry this is, but they are very cute, like little buttons that have eaten too much dinner.


This is where CB has to sleep from now on.


Caribou moss. I crushed a lot of it with my butt when I got too lazy to stoop to pick my berries. Sorry ma ‘bou.


Epic rock fortress.


This is I think an old metal bowl coated in white ceramic. It was very pretty. It reminded me of why I carry a camera with me. So I dont have to wander home carrying all kinds of random stink junk I saw in the woods and thought was “pretty”.


Juniper berries. A chef at work told me it takes 4 years for a berry to turn blue. So much effort just to have me swoop in and fill a jar with them. Wahaha!


It was sunny and 20 degrees out today. Yesterday it was 8 degrees and I didnt have to push the accelerator to drive to work, I just let the wind blow me there.


Red berries.


As I crested the hill I came across a little graveyard. I said hello to all the dead grandmas and grandpas relaxing their old bones under stones. The cemetery turned into a boggy grassland that was surrounded by hills and was deathly quiet. In the bog there was sinister blood red and veiny looking pitcher plants. I started to think i was standing ankle deep in corpse juice and hightailed it.




I was being artistic with the rocky outcroppings and the shiny metal telephone wires. Successful? Perhaps not.


Daisies and rose hips. I picked the latter for tea.


The little graveyard.



And this was the view from the beginning of my walk, a peek at the old stone church theyre renovating in Barr’d Islands. I was really hoping to come some cloudberries on my journey. Everyone says there are none growing on the island this year but I just wanted to find a couple my my mouth to enjoy. Oh well. I’ll keep hunting.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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