U PPL R Fr3@kZ: October Edition


So.. this is getting out of hand. Usually I enjoy looking at the weird things you people type into that poor unsuspecting Google and get my blog but I’m actually starting to get disturbed….

Here goes.. ahem..

smurf porn whistling
Insects doggirls
I am unicorn penis
waffle costume
costume de waffle
cat pizza
ice cream shoes
rainbows exploding head
how to cook creme brulee in a food saver bag
marge simpson muscle art
random pizza cat
cool ass drawing
white trash wonderland
construction kitten
talented husband sean cheats with young coworker while I take care of ella

So in conclusion,

Yes, I Am Unicorn Penis.

Dressing yourself like popular breakfast and dessert items is trendy in both english and french..

People are abusing themselves to all kinds of new things I never even thought about before..

Some guy named Sean has some explaining to do…

And please, please, whoever you are, DO NOT make creme brulee in a ziplock bag. How are you going to brulee that shit! Its just a bag of pudding! You cant possibly burn a crisp sugar top with a flame in a plastic bag! Dont even try it!

Other than that yeah it pretty accurately demonstrates the zeitgeist of my blog this month.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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