Hill O’ Chips

Since we last left off in the most epic and legendary journey of the dumpling there’s been new stuff and things also!

We spent my last couple of days off on the search for a new computer. One that could type the letter P, and ask questions, and I would see my text as I type. That’s why its been pretty quiet on the ol’ blog frontier. It’s actually freaking me out quite a lot typing a letter and seeing it appear on the screen instantly. I’m used to typing a sentence and then going to make a cup of tea while it takes it’s sweet time making an appearance. ITS LIKE ITS PSYCHIC! How does it instantly know what Im thinking at 55wpm! TECHNOLOGY!

So I was looking forward to a little mini vacation in St. Johns, but due to my overwhelming dumbassitude, most of our trip was spent having a nap in the line for the ferry. Whups! We did at least pull out CBs ancient little Dell hackintosh and watched a kung fu movie about tai chi directed by Keanu Reeves. NOW BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME WITH YOUR FACE– it was actually pretty damn awesome. The fight scenes made me want to battle of supremacy.





I played about 75 games of solitaire while CB snored beside me underneath a jacket fort. I contemplated the impropriety of begging for a cheese whiz sandwich from fellow ferry goers in line. We listened to a podcast about Brian Posehn playing Dungeons and Dragons with some of his old nerd pals.. which was.. pretty uneventful but still somehow entertaining. Holy Judy I am really regretting this entire paragraph all of a sudden…



They get all reddish purple and the berries swell up and burst with sweetness. Eventually they get a bit alcoholic and right now there’s gangs of seagulls stomping around through the shrubbery, getting stinking drunk on overripe bloobs. It’s pretty neat. Mmmm CB is making a roast chicken and giant french fries and it smells so good..



Anyway, we finally got onto the ferry and I made a beeline to the snacks machine. Like a ninja I was popping quarters and thumbing 43B 56D 16C and down plopped Cheesies, chocolate boston creme doughnuts, cinnamon buns, and a couple cans of pepsi. Breakfast of champignons! I totally forgot there was an entire ferry full of people all seated facing nothing but my greedy little body frantically stuffing my arms full of snacks.. sigh.. CB was smart and had separated himself from me earlier and gotten a seat in the back.

After 5 hours, and some amazing truckstop diner meals later, we got to St. Johns after dark. Somehow like magic I had navigated us directly out front of a hotel! There was a sign on the door that read “for hotel reservations speak to the restaurant next door”. So naturally I walked in and said to the nice hostess “Hello, I would like to speak to the hotel please”. Which was met with confusion and followed by strange evasive behaviour and somewhere along the lines we ended up not getting a room in that hotel. Possibly because I presented myself like I had just smoked a crack rock the size of a mountain. Oy veh.. anyway CB made a phone call to a nice lady and we found a much too expensive hotel on a road called “Hill O’ Chips”. You crazy damn newfies.

In the morning, we went to the mall, and bought NEW COMPUTERS! It was so exciting! We came home and sat in bed and opened them up together like two greedy little kids on christmas morning. It was great.


Aside from that, I have mostly just been at work. This week I made about 25 litres of different jams and jellies which was fun. Apple Jelly, plum jam, peach and screech jam, apple butter, and 15 litres of grapefruit marmalade which is bitter and amazing. I learned how to process caribou moss to made it edible. I made my first batch of “blueberry dumplings” for the new lunch menu and ate about 3 bowls of them in the “tasting”. I discovered the awesomeness that is Cod Au Gratin. Friend balogne & cheese sandwiches on homemade white bread and pea soup. BABY! Rosies bakery and diner, you are my favourite in life. I discovered Pinterest and spent about an hour “pinning” pictures of fat baby dogs and wonky eyed persian kittens while CB rolled his eyes. Really dont understand the point of it, but I like it.

Today was my day off and I went into work for a fun menu planning meeting and we stayed for lunch. We had seafood chowder with fried cods tongues on top and sourdough bread and salt cod cakes with homemade pickles and poached eggs. For dessert, we had my desserts! Its always cool to eat something I made in a restaurant, I’ll never get tired of that.

Yeah, it’s been a good week.



Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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