Things I Like This Morning


Day off numero dos! Its just noon now and already I have liked so many things!

1. I got to sleep IN!

2. Coffee

3. The sounds and smells CB making breakfast!

4. Doing something I havent done in years..


Setting up my easel. I haven’t done that in a very long time. Picking up my paint tubes and squeezing them. Making sure the caps still come off. It’s been 3 or 4 years since I have used these and I only had 2 casualties. Who needs burnt umber anyway. ONLY EVERY PAINTING EVER but thats okay it’s an excuse to get a new tube. My easel is teak, one of my top ten favourite woods of all time! Its held together with brass washers and wing nuts and folds into a little box you can wear as a back pack. I had romantic ideals of taking it out to a field and wearing a straw hat and painting sunflower fields. Then eating my paint, getting syphilis, and cutting my ear off. The closest I got was lugging it out to the middle of a frozen lake in the middle of January. I painted an entirely white and light blue canvas before going home to drink Harvey Wallbangers by myself.


Smelling my brushes like a creep. They smell like linseed oil and turpentine. I’m a big fan of fans, as you can tell. Setting out my nan’s palette knives in a row and testing their springy-ness. I never use palette knives because I paint in a different way to my nan, but maybe I should give them a go. She used to make thick, impasto paintings and I always thought she made smears and blobs look so elegant. I like to thin out my oil paint to the point of near transparency and build layers on layers on layers. However I usually get distracted 10% of the way into a painting and wander off to get snacks…


Only a few tubes remain of my pretty bulky collection. Some colours I never even used, I just liked to own them. Some of these are from high school, some are from my failed attempt at art school, some from my Nan. The ones from my Nan are probably about 30 years old and rock hard but I keep them anyway.


While setting up my easel I went to find a bottle of WD40 and in my absence the easel plonked straight to the ground and knocked the radiator off the wall. Unfortunate, but I did find this cool picture of a dog!

I’m hoping have a little crappy arts studio in our trailer will entice my sister to come visit.. come on dude, its great! We can do an art!


These are some cool postcards we found at a shop here and keep meaning to send to some folks. The only other postcard in the pile was of a dogs butthole wearing sunglasses. CB wouldnt let me send them to anyway. Sorry mom.


My SWEET golden playstation controller that I KNOW CB plays GTAV with when Im not here.


CB cooking sunday breakfast. He is the epic legendary kug fu master of balogne and eggs. Look at those crispy orange roast potatoes. Thats skillz.


My Nan’s timer ticking away, telling us when eggs are ready.


Les œufs sont finis! Il est temps pour les oeufs etre dans ma bouche! LE FRANCAIS!


The best part of waking up, is balognies in my mouth!

We watched the new Sheild tv show. Its alright. Generic pretty brown haired people being super smart and pretty. But there is both an english and scottish accent and a flying car, so I’m content.

P.S in case you didnt notice that’s a balanced breakfast right there. Look at those little Pac Man balognes! THE BEST.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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