Oh Shhhhh…ean! Ocean.


Day off day off day OFFFFF! YEAH BOOOI!

Yesterday I got up before 6 in the bloody morning, on my day off. Technically, that is sleeping in. Bah. It’s too dark to do anything at that time. Saturday is grocery day so it was slim pickins in our kitchen, so with hungry tums, we tried to go out  to get some coffee or a gas station sandwich with no luck at all. So we just cruised back and forth down the islands main street until the grocery store opened up, like gangstas.

Grocery shopping is my fav, dunno if I mentioned that. We will be working on a very neat and tidy budget for this winter so it makes it even more fun and challenging, like a game. I used to play this game with my Dad at the grocery store check out, where we try to guess how much the bill would come to, and whoever wins gets to keep the change in his pocket. I rarely won, but usually got all the change anyway, wahahaha! But I’m winning now boy, I have honed my skills and now Im a grocery store discount ninja. You should see me in the meat department boy, calculating price per kilo like a mofo. I was only off budget by $5.06. Not too shabby. Anyway this is probably only interesting to me so let’s carry on shall we!

Also, please note, I have not bought a chocolate bar in 2 weeks. For anyone that knows me in real life, you know what a major breakthrough/sacrifice that is..

After grocery shopping CB and I went to the island bakery beside the grocery store for some coffee and eggs & toast. It was very nice. I poked my head into the kitchen and the bakery owner let me come in and check out her sweet ancient kit. I’m such a G.D nerdbucket for old kitchen equipment. The second my eyes hit a dusty old Hobart I get all star eyed in love. She had a scale so old that it was actually made in Canada. Nothing is made in Canada! We chatted for a while, I think she appreciated how much I appreciated her awesome kitchen. I was jealous, really. Then we had some peanut butter chocolate “mice” sweets and went on home.

Later that day we drove over to Sandy Cove and took a walk on a trail I’ve heard is pretty awesome. It’s called Turpins Trail and I cant wait to take the next person who comes to visit me for a walk on it. Its stupid beautiful. And figures it was the day I didnt bring my camera. CB took some photos and super short videos on his phone though.

You can’t hear it in the video but the waves were so huge and loud! The waves would hit the rocks like a 25 foot wall of water and the sound was like a crack of thunder. You could actually feel it through your feet. Amazing.


There’s a lot of old lobster traps all over the place. This picture is for you mum, I know you like your lobster traps!


CB spotted this awesome driftwood laying on the pebbly beach. It was definitely an telephone pole or something at one point, and now its a little fat torpedo we have named Shelly. Unfortunately we happened to meet Shelly half way through our walk and therefore had to lug her heavy wooden ass the rest of the way to the car. Oof.


The track took us from beach, through beautiful dreamy boreal forests, over smooth granite plains of the Canadian Shield, along the shore line, up cliff faces and over black ponds on rickety bridges. I made CB go first over them, heh.. It was an amazing walk. It was such mindbender when you step off of a beach into a dark forest, and there is crab skeletons underneath pine trees. Does not compute.

sea urchin

I found specimens! Sea urchins, and a little ziplock baggy of Labrador Tea. Chef brought me some at work the other day to infuse into an ice cream and it was freaking delicious so I’m glad to have more of it. It has a very strange smell and flavour. Kind of smokey, black tea, lemon notes and something that really reminds me of my childhood. I think maybe it smells like a certain kind of plastic. Remember water babies? Like that. Like a Water Baby having a smoke and a cup of tea with a twist of lemon at Christmas time.  Yeah.


This is CB’s friend the moth. He has lived on our windowsill for almost 2 weeks, coming down every so often to vibrate hilariously on CB’s computer to warm up. We finally took the screen off the window and set him free. Not before giving him a last meal of some honey squeezed all over the sill, before he left.


This is the meal I came home to on friday night. CB made proper jerk pork and coleslaw with gravy. The meal we miss most from living in Toronto. It was NEARLY perfect. I even made festivals and black cake! It was so freaking good I dont even remember eating it. Just a beautiful, spicy haze of chomping.


I just made this monstrocity for lunch. Its called Taco Night Leftover Frittata. With hot dogs. And some tomato sauce. And cheese. Im going to go eat it, and then do some weight lifting. Not even joking. Yeah, I do that now. JEALOUS?


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

3 thoughts on “Oh Shhhhh…ean! Ocean.”

  1. Sandy Cove rocks. I’ve always likes the coves and bays around this time of year. Really makes you appreciate the early settlers and their hardships.
    The Labrador Tea is fab as well – wish I could have introduced my Cheffypoo to it when we were home. It’s a dream!

    How was the ice cream? I can’t even imagine!

    1. The ice cream was rad man, just rad. And those settlers were obviously nuts, it’s not very hospitable out there unless you like endless scrubby rocks.. your ancestors were hard asses.

      1. Sounds delicious. My Cheffypoo was over the moon when he saw all the deliciousness Newfoundland had to offer. Not to excited when he realized how hard you had to work to get the delicious things though, she don’t give up her spoils easily.

        Yup. Us Newfs come from a looooong ass line of hard asses. Check out Random Passage some time. Wicked book series. Fictional, but very realistic.

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