Tüb de boeuf


Are you wondering what this picture is, aside from Deeply Disturbing?

It’s a frozen 20 pound log of ground beef. Duh. CB received it as payment for helping to butcher some lambs. The lambs were pre-deceased by the way, he didnt go out slaughtering some baby sheeps with a log of beef or anything.

Fun fact, he casually mentioned to me that lamb carcasses smell exactly like pumpernickel bread. HM.

Anyway, after initially parading around the kitchen pretending I had a 4 foot long beef manhood and waving an imaginary cowboy hat, as one does with these things, I had to figure out how to defrost this bad boy.

Somehow the beef juice is leaking out as it defrosts so I had to build a blood trough with tinfoil and prop it up so it drains into the sink. I’m pretty convinced this is the most sanitary way to defrost this much meat. Problem Solving.

Don’t look at me like that, I will cook it to an internal temperature of 400 degrees because I like my meat crunchy and black anyway.

So stay tuned for the pictures of the approximately 283129319873198723 meat balls we are going to make tonight.


My painting in stage two, where things start to get weird. That shape on the left is going to be a cake, the shape on the right is going to be a persian with short legs and wonky eyes. Also balloons. The room Im painting in stinks hardcore like pine scented turpentine and it makes me happy. And dizzy.


These are presents for my sister I still haven’t mailed her for her birthday a month ago. They are buttons made of slices of caribou antler.

OH GOD that reminds me. This morning on our way grocery shopping we drove over 10 feet of skid marks followed by a 25 foot 3 foot wide streak of blood down our lane of road. At the end of it, was a caribou having a nap at the side of the road. I was like, thats odd.


I like the words “butter sculptures”. It rolls clumsily off the tongue like a fat girl getting up for a snack break. Butter Sculptures. Oh this is a chair, I’m being artistic again.


Our overly decorative ceiling in the living room. We are missing doors and walls but they went ALL OUT on the living room ceiling all up in here.




My little orange pelican case full of all my most precious things. So like, feathers, and crochet owls from my mum…


I got this at the post office! YAY!!! CB got chiclets. Best postal experience ever.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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