Business Time.



Look what CB made me! A desk for my professional business!

Until now when I have work to get done during my limited home time hours I have been doing it on the couch. For a maximum of about 8 minutes at which point I give up in favour of watching the Winchester boys fight bad ghosts.


I’ve been moaning about needing a desk since we moved in. But we are a couple of poors and they dont even sell them on this island. I sadly moved a broken microwave into the spare room the other day and thought I could fashion something out of that. I mean, it’s mostly flat on top and it even has a handy space to keep my papers inside. And a tray to rotate them around on…

But CB made fun of me for being super dumb and once again, the universe provided. Well, CB provided, by finding this awesome table out in a pile of junk! After drying out for a couple of days, he went to work!



The top was a bit mangy, so he carefully chipped off the 10 years of paint and unscrewed the top.





The bottom side was much nicer!


We spent a buck on a few nice wide nails. _MG_6253           _MG_6263

After a nice sanding and a rubbing of linseed oil, tada! Ready for business.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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