Weasel Foot



Good morning!


Hot cup of tea in a cold house on a november morning is nice. So steamy.


A weasel got into our garbage in the night. There was a weasel shaped hole in one side and right out the other. Looks like he favours pumpnickle bread and nibbling balogne bits off the strips of wax. Weird. It must be hard to be a tube of prey in the winter, leading all the baddies right to your burrow with your little footprints. I followed them. The bugger lives under the shed beside our trailer. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! The nice thing though is that we just left the bag out there another night and he came back and ate up all the mess he made!


I thought I was a super genius when I started using cleaned meat trays as palettes for my painting. This is why I never had before, and just forgot… turpentine + styrofoam = no more styrofoam.


Cookin some red cabbage. Makes the house smell like home. My mom reminded me that my Nan would stick cloves into a whole onion and place it in the middle of the cabbage while it cooked but I hate clove so NEH.


We went for an adventure for about 10 minutes until CB decided to poop on my party and want to go back inside. Apparently he didnt want to spend the last bit of my day off wandering aimlessly around in the freezing cold. Jeez.

I found a green leaf and ran to pick it up. But it was a plastic leaf, which is why it still managed to stay green. CB said I should keep it, take it in somewhere warm. But I thought it must be from the cemetery over the hill and its probably haunted by ghosts so.. I put it back in a bush and went home.






Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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