Morning Coffee Ramble


A beautiful breakfast meats flower that blooms in my tummy.

Its about 11 am and Im sitting at my new desk in my cold little blue “painting room”. Its very sunny and my view out the window is of snow covered rocky granite hills. My feet are cold on the linoleum floor despite my double sock protection so Im alternating which one stays on the floor.  I’m listening to youtube videos of a girl quietly speaking korean, talking about face creams. It’s super relaxing. I can hear CB in the other room talking to his brother about motorcycles. We got up early, but not earlier than the sun today, thank god. CB made a nice breakfast and I made some weak ass coffee. Our plans for the day are minimal, being as it is sunday. I’d like to clean up and go for a walk by the ocean later. It’s not too cold out, just snowy. Contemplating another coffee.

I’m glad we went away to NZ for millions or reasons but the one Im thinking about today is that it made me appreciate snow again. In the city, snow wasnt fluffy white and romantic, it was grey sludge that made everyone miserable buttholes and really screwed up your day. Especially if you’re an idiot who rides her bike to work through it every day. Yesterday when CB drove me to work in the dark there was a blanket of snow on the ground a foot deep. It’s been so so so so windy here lately but the air was very quiet and not very cold. We could tell we were the first people to drive on the road because there were no tire tracks at all. We felt a tinge of guilt for some reason at that, like we wrecked the purity of white that was going on. Later at work I went out of the kitchen to the outbuilding to grab some more molasses and the sight of all that white around me literally made me gasp. I forgot how beautiful snow is! ITS SO COOL! I’m totally gay for snow right now.

CB has been taking care of the two newfie dogs at work a couple of times a week. He takes them for long walks, and is training the boy-dog or.. man dog.. how to pull carts. He loves it! He puffs out his chest and looks so noble pulling his cart of wood all around. It was nice to go outside in my chef whites and look out over the snowy landscape around me, at the blue blue ocean, and see CB and two fluffy dogs bounding around so small way out in the distance. When I came into work in the morning my oven wasnt working, the freezer had gone down and my frustration levels were mounting and it wasnt even 5:30 am yet.. but being able to go outside and see insane beauty for some reason takes all my stress away! And I remember, it’s just desserts, calm down and just make some nice stuff. And then I do it. And then I eat it. And then my blood feels restless, like it wants to get into a mosh pit and F some S up! Ya know! F some S Up! F IT!

Anyway… I better go drag my mangy ass into the shower. Woo the smell of me! It was a long work week and I am ripe. Last night we both got home late and were so tired. I vaguely remember heating up a tiny frozen pizza for dinner. But first nearly burning down the house because I cranked the oven to 425 and didnt realize the oven was full of breadcrumbs from the previous nights dinner debacle. I murdered them.. they were beyond toast. I think I created a new breadcrumb based form of carbon. Bah. I probably could have thrown some cheese on it and ate that though, would have been tastier than the McCain brand LIE that we ate. It was more like a large pizza flavoured cracker, improved slightly by the 1/2 brick of mozza and jar of olives I dumped on it. ANYWAY! Frozen pizzas only digest into regret and weird, uncomfortable dreams. Today is grocery day, so tonight we’ll dine like KINGS!

And a queen.. Yeah..


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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