Happy Steak Face


Zesty Doritos aflame against the blue winter hellscape..

Ah. It’s been QUITE a week over here in old Newfie land. Work has been.. all encompassing. December is always jam packed with work. But it’s been nice. Yesterday I was baking so many christmas things in my little kitchen that I was actually getting a migraine headache from the noxious cloud of festive spices in the air.

I finally made my own marizpan.  Its actually simple and I dont understand why I have never made it before. Yes Bobby I will send you the recipe. And then I made christmas stollen to stuff with my marzipan. And then, I made 3 tons of gingerbread dough for a gingerbread house Ive been trying to find the time to make for the last 2 weeks. I made two ice creams that were life changing. The first was a sorbet made from seabuckthorn which is a little orange berry that grows in cold climates, like this one, and is pretty much pure vitamin C. Inside the berries are seeds that kind of resemble passion fruit. I would say they must be related, like wee passion fruits of the north. The puree is flourescent orange, like the most orange thing I have ever seen in real life. And the sorbet is just the right kind of sour, and bright, and this glowing unearthly orange colour. Amazing.  Way better than the orange sorbet I had to eat all the time as a kid because the doctor told my parents I wasnt allowed to have ice cream. What kind of MONSTER DOES THAT– I digress. The second was bone marrow ice cream. It sounds maybe grotesque but it was the sexiest texture of any ice cream Ive ever had. And its super rich and creamy, and finishes with a very distinct marrow flavour. It was surprisingly good.

Working long hours makes me crabby so I have to take moments to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I take a 5 minute break now and then to stand at the window and stare off magestically at the waves rolling in against the shore. There’s a little gulch that collects sea foam and on windy days the foam blows all over and I like to watch it float around on the rocks and see how long it takes for it to blow out of existence.

On sunday when I was taking the garbage out at the very end of my day and the very peak of my crabbiness I looked at the sky and there was a perfect heart shape space in the clouds through which the sun was setting! And i was like HOLY COW NATURE! And I ran inside and yelled to all the chefs “YOU GUYS THE CLOUDS ARE MAKING A PERFECT HEART OVER THE SUNSET AND YOU ALL HAVE TO COME LOOK AT IT!” And without a word they all put down their knives and literally ran outside with me to see it. And we stood there in the cold, the 120km/hour winds and watched the sunset heart romantically. It was kind of nice.

Another thing that keeps me going is CB has been making the most epic food treats for dinner!


This was a post work out protein-packed dinner. Steak was on sale! Rib eye. The kind of thing a girl needs after she pumps ze iron. Rwaaahhhh!


Look at that butter, so happy to be melting on a steak.


And then the handsome genius made chicken fingers battered with DORITOES!!!


The Deliousness Duo. IMG_6322

Oh yom yom.




And this is my attempt at yuletide cheer. I went out into the forest with my swiss army knife to get us a christmas tree. I got a branch.. I put it in a Folgers coffee tin.. and put some balls of tinfoil in it. Its a work in progress.


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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