Office: Supplied.


Oh! I forgot I wanted to show you my new “office”! pretty NICE eh! Somtimes CB will even let me put the heat on in there! The other day I went to pick up my ancient old mac and the battery had pretty much exploded. It still works I just took the battery out and keep it plugged in. So thats my work computer. And then I have some notebooks for taking notes. A jar of pens. And some clipboards because nothing says Down To Business like a clipboard. Sometimes if i have something important to talk to somebody at work about and need their full attention I will go to them holding a clipboard. Seriously, it works. They dont look away even once. Clipboards are magic.



My special inks from CB all lined up in a row. I keep them next to a selection of handy chemicals and my paint brushes. I noticed CB put an empty peanut butter container in there for me which was very exciting. Empty PB jars are really handy!



This is a styrofoam plane from Emma. Remember these? It flies really well but I got tired of standing on a chair and winging it at CB so he hung it for me from a string for some decoration. But out of eye sight because I didnt want to get distracted from my important work decided which fruit cake recipe is the number 1 fruit cake recipe.


And this is my flower from CB’s great uncle Willy. He lives in Cape Breton and makes all kinds of nice wooden christmas decorations and things for your lawn. He gave me this flower when we went for a visit once and its one of my favourite things.

That’s all, Im just proud of my little office painting room is all.

Bye now!


Author: Kara Lalalala

I write this blog for my family cause I am terrible at letters & emails.

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